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The Know Your Pulse (KYP) campaign continues to be the cornerstone of Arrhythmia Alliance and STARS US.  It has provided a campaigning focus for thousands of events and has led to some significant advances in awareness, policy and the management of heart rhythm disorders.

The campaign continues today, promoting the need for us all to be aware of our pulse, and for the need to include routine manual pulse checks.

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Knowing your Pulse can save your life.

  • If pulse checks were routine, thousands of lives, and thousands of debilitating strokes, could be saved every year
  • Learn how to take your pulse now
  • Help us campaign for routine pulse checks

Learn how to take your pulse now; watch our instructional video below, download the Know Your Pulse Guide and Poster.

Instructional video


"Know Your Pulse" checks throughout Beaufort County, South Carolina


Working with the Beaufort County Library System in South Carolina allows Arrhythmia Alliance to see and make contact with a generation and group of people that need these pulse checks on a regular basis. We conduct the checks at every local branch in Beaufort County.


We also partner with Powerhouse Gym in Hilton Head and conduct Know Your Pulse checks monthly. During our first check at the gym more than 60 checks were performed.

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