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STARS Patient Information

Device Experiences

This page contains stories of STARS members with Implantable Loop Recorders and Pacemakers.

Sir Roger Moore's Story

STARS Patron Sir Roger Moore discusses his experience of syncope whilst on stage and the implant of his Pacemaker.


Michele's story

Hi, my name is Michele, I am 56 years of age and lead a relatively normal life, although I will leave you to decide on that.


Leigh's Story

My name is Leigh and I have just turned 22 years old. Three days before my birthday at the beginning of May last month I underwent the procedure to have an implantable loop recorder fitted (what a birthday present!).


Naomi’s Story

Hi, my name is Naomi and I am 15 years old. In the summer 2007 newsletter I wrote about my experience of living with RAS and about having an ILR (Implantable Loop Recorder) implanted to record my heart rhythm.


Carole’s Story

I am Carole. I'm 44 married to Adrian and we have 3 children 20, 18 and 12. I am an Aromatherapist and also at college studying Sports Massage. I have suffered occasional blackouts over the past few years - about 6 or 7 in total. They seemed to come around October/November or Jan/Feb and I would get horrendous stomach cramps and then diarrhoea. I would want to go to bed as I felt so ill and then would be sick. Within 20 minutes of vomiting I passed out over and over again vomiting as I came round, convulsing and eyes rolling in my head. I'm told I stop breathing and then grunt as the breathing starts up again.

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