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Despite the prevalence of syncope in young people, the condition goes relatively unknown amongst the general public, including members of staff in nursery groups, schools, colleges, universities and extra curricular clubs.

It is understandable that being responsible for a young person with a medical condition in their educational setting can be a daunting task, especially if the condition is previously unknown to you. It is essential that you are well informed and have a full knowledge and understanding of their condition. This will not only enable you to provide maximum support for the young person concerned, but will better prepare you to care for your charge.

 ‘Communication, flexibility, respect, and understanding are essential’

A child may never experience a syncopal episode in their educational setting and may not have any special educational needs. Nevertheless, a support system should be in place regardless of whether syncopal episodes occur on a regular basis, or whether they are infrequent.

No two instances of syncope are identical. It is imperative that each case is individually investigated, assessed and open to review.

It is essential that you discuss the individual’s condition with their parent(s)/guardian(s) and if applicable, the child themselves. The information provided here has been generalised and is only intended as a guide

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