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This page contains stories of STARS members with Syncope.

Marian's Story

My name is Marian and I am 47 years. I live in the Netherlands. My story of blackouts, started at the age of 22 years. In the summer of 1983, lymph node cancer, Hodgkin disease was diagnosed. At the same time I experienced some strange symptoms. I couldn’t pass urine easily, I had bouts of diarrhea and found it hard to read. In addition I couldn’t perspire and had a very dry mouth. Further more I had blackouts, all the time. Even if I lifted my head up from a lying position, I lost consciousness. On the moment I was lying down again I recovered consciousness. Standing, sitting, walking, was not possible. The complaints were a mystery for the doctor in the regional hospital. So my internist sent me to a specialist in Hodgkin disease and from there I visited dr. Wieling and dr. van Lieshout both working at the AMC, Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. They found the cause and later also the answer of my complaints. Read more

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