Sammy’s Story 

Sammy has Syncope. When Sammy was about to start school he was very nervous. Can you imagine why? Well, just like you, he was scared of everything – the new teacher, the new children, the play ground, and all those bigger children! He was also nervous in case he felt ill at school and had to lie down for his ‘special sleep’. Would everybody laugh at him? Would any one be there to help him feel better? He wished his mum and dad could stay.

Sammy’s parents knew he was feeling anxious, and so together they made some plans!...


Already Sammy was beginning to feel a little better, he’d shared his worry and no longer felt alone. 

Within a few days, Sammy’s parents had arranged to visit Sammy’s new school, and have a chat with his teacher.

When they arrived, the children were listening to a story. Slightly nervous, Sammy chose to sit on his dad’s lap. He did enjoy the story, especially when all the children could join in with the actions! The time passed very quickly, and soon the teacher was telling everyone that it was almost time for the bell to ring for home time. It was a loud bell, and Sammy was pleased the teacher had warned the class about it, because sometimes when he gets a shock he has a special sleep. After all of the children had left, Sammy’s new teacher came to talk to him.


Together they all looked around the class room, and then sat down for a chat.

With his parents’ help, Sammy began telling his teacher what he liked – and disliked! Then his mum talked about Sammy’s special sleeps.


At this point Sammy waved his special friend! It was Top Ted!  

He was beginning to like his new teacher, and was pleased mum and dad were helping her understand about his special sleeps.

His teacher then asked Sammy, firstly about Top Ted, and then about his other favourite toys.

There’s no stopping him, laughed Sammy’s mum and dad! The only thing Sammy doesn’t like are surprises.



Suddenly Sammy couldn’t wait to start school! When he did, he found that by telling his mum and dad, and then his teacher about his worries, all of the worries had gone away! His teacher always checked Top Ted was around to keep an eye on Sammy. At times this wasn’t so good, because not only did Top Ted tell a grown up when Sammy was feeling unwell, but also when he hadn’t tidied away! Most of all though, because every body knew Sammy, there was always some one there to help him when he really needed it.

That was a little while ago, and now Sammy is much older, but he hopes that his story will help you look forward to starting school. Remember, the grown ups want to help and look after us, so sharing our worries with them can really make a difference.                         

Let me know what you found helpful when you started a new school. It might be a star tip for others! Don’t forget mums and dads, you can now tell schools about the STARS Education campaign.

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