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Remembering Rio

Rio was our charity horse for Fresh Fields Equine Retirement Home, she has played a very big part in our lives for over 11 years, without her playing her role here, we would not have been able to have obtained the left over vegetables and bread waste kindly donated by Sainsbury's Supermarket to help feed all the animals that are here at Fresh Fields. The carrots and apples came in very useful as treats for all the horses, including Rio; the rest for the sheep and pigs, as well as the exotic animals, benefitting too.

Rio who’s registered name was “Real Time” was a dark brown mare, 16 hands high, born in 1998. I believe she was a cross Thoroughbred. Francesca Lobban acquired Rio in 2005, they spent many happy years together riding through the countryside. Rio came to Fresh Fields in 2009 due to Francesca having some person circumstances going on in her life.

Fresh Fields is an equine retirement home set in 58 acres in the heart of Shropshire. There are 38 horses who have come to Fresh Fields to retire, not all are owned by clients, 14 are mine and the rest are owned by lovely owners. We have had a couple Cookey and Tommy who have been flown over from Abu Dhabi. All the horses get on so well and have a life of luxury; lots of friends, lots to eat, freedom and undivided attention and love. The owners visit their horses from time to time and spend quality time with them knowing that they are well cared for and loved.

Rio arrived with another horse her friend called Cally. They both walked proudly off the trailer like two new girls going to boarding school. We led them up to a lovely field next to the main herd and let them go. They galloped across the field as fast as they could. A few days later we introduced them into the main herd. They settled in so well and that is where they lived their lives for many years. Cally passed away three years ago, and Rio on February 29th, 2020. Very sad but she had a wonderful life here.

Rio had a boyfriend who was a lot younger than her, his name is Terrico. He was homebred here at Fresh Fields, his mother April is great, great grand-daughter to ‘Shergar’, the famous race horse. Terrico joined the main herd as a yearling, he and Rio became inseparable, it was love at first sight. They spent many years side by side.

Francesca and Trudie Lobban have appointed Terrico along with another young lady called Enya, a pure Crabbit Arab, to represent STARS and carry on the good work from where Rio left off here at Fresh Fields.

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All visitors are welcomed. Equine Therapy is offered as well. For additional information, please contact Sally Hamilton-French 07875 555940. To make a donation to STARS in memory of Rio, click here


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