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Patrick’s story

Patrick is two- years-old, and like any other cheeky toddler, he runs around having fun before falling or crashing into something and hurting himself - quite often ending in tears!

In January 2014, Patrick was in a separate room to us when we heard him cry. We ran to him and he walked towards us crying, looking very white and gradually turning blue in the face and lips. His dad picked him up to comfort him when his eyes started to roll back and he went limp, head falling back, arms dropping until I shouted and he slowly lifted his head and came back. Patrick then became very subdued and cried whilst I held him in my arms. This is the first time he had lost consciousness.

We took him to the doctors the next day, where they discovered a slight heart murmur and referred us to a cardiologist. We got an appointment very quickly with the ‘choose and book’ service. We took the first appointment and our cardiologist was very efficient and treated us well. Patrick had an ECG and a chest x-ray, and both came back clear. 

Following these tests, our cardiologist suspected that Patrick may suffer with reflex anoxic seizures (RAS). He gave us STARS contact details for information and support.

Since his diagnosis, Patrick has had three more episodes where he has become very pale with his lips turning slightly blue after hurting himself, but thankfully he hasn’t had a full RAS episode.

Patrick starts pre-school at Easter. I’m planning to supply them with as much information as possible on RAS so they are prepared if he does have an episode. I will definitely be giving them STARS contact details!

Thank you for being there.


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