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'Syncope' is used on this website as an umbrella term to cover the many different forms of syncope, including reflex anoxic seizures.

A child starting school is a daunting prospect for any parent. For those with a child who has syncope, this is an even more worrying process. This worry can continue throughout your child’s educational life if knowledge and understanding of the condition is lacking and if, as a result, your child is not receiving the maximum support that they require in their educational setting.

This project has been launched in order to take some of the responsibility off you, as the parent, to inform staff and carers about syncope and train them in condition management. The resources provided by STARS are intended to be no more than a guide and it is still necessary for you to inform the nursery/school/college/university of your child’s individual condition and ensure that any specific needs are accommodated. The materials provided here should expand upon and corroborate with the information that you provide.

“I want to know when my child starts school next summer, that she will be as safe in the care of the school as she would be with me. By this I mean, that if she has an RAS attack the staff know what to do and how to react. So far anyone I have told about RAS has no idea what I am referring to.” (parent of a child with RAS)

"It is easy for people to dismiss fears when they have no experience or knowledge of this condition...raising awareness is so important to allow parents to have confidence when sending their children to school." (parent of a child with RAS)


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