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This page contains stories of STARS members who have suffered misdiagnosis.

Richard's story

My story of blackouts began just after I graduated from university in 2001. Looking back I now understand how a rugby injury and an uncomfortable work chair were likely triggers for the story I’m writing now. Read more


Pam's story

Right or wrong a diagnosis defines a person. As that person or patient – I have identified myself as my diagnosis for 20 years. I struggled with “black outs” or “loss of consciousness” from the time I was a little girl. Read more


Denise's story

If I think back my first loss of consciousness was in 1983 when my son was 9 months old, he is now 28 years old! Read more


Amanda's Story

My story is one of misdiagnosis. I was properly diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 24. Read more


Chelsea's Story

When I was little I was diagnosed with epilepsy and lots of things would trigger a fit, like being sick. I had lots of medicines to try and control the fits but nothing worked. Read more


Ela Star Garside’s Story

After spending the day relaxing in the July sun in my family garden I headed off to start work in my local pub where, after a couple of hours, I suffered my first convulsion. Read more

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