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Helping STARS

Have you ever thought about helping to raise money for STARS? There are so many different ways in which you can fundraise and it doesn’t need to be a lot of hard work either – fundraising can be good fun!

We’ve drawn up a list of ideas to set your imaginations in motion, but we’re sure that your thinking caps are better than ours!

If you do raise money for STARS, write in and tell us about it! Send some photos of what you did, if you have any so that we can put them on the website! If you do send us something, please write us a note to say that it is OK to put it on the website!

Let us know what you are doing! Email

There are many ways you can fund raise at school, or with a group of young people. These are a few great ideas many have already tried and found to be successful. They can even be adapted to use at children’s’ clubs and in youth groups!

So, to help get you started:


  • Sponsored events – e.g. a sponsored silence/ baking/ football match/ run/ “music-a-thon”
  • Spelling / tables competitions/ name a teddy – easy to organise and run over a lunchtime. 
  • Music, poetry, dance, swim, cycle-athons... – appeals to all ages and interests.
  • Classroom challenges - not only raises money, but house points from your teacher!
  • Games club/ Quiz – run over a month or so with a small joining charge
  • Themed day – one off donation and lots of fun.
  • Bring & Buy – at the end of the day or weekend; helpers are needed but everyone can gain!
  • Who’s that baby? – perhaps run over a week or two, lots of laughter and funds raised!
  • Dress down days – at work, school or clubs, requires little work but usually well supported!
  • Second-hand sale – an event also able to be enjoyed by the community.
  • E-bay - sell your stuff in aid of STARS! 


Helpful Fundraising Tips


Thinking ahead is key to success. Once you have decided your event, start planning, giving yourself plenty of time. To be successful and minimise stress, the important factors to cover are:

  • Permission from relevant authorities
  • Publicity
  • Hall bookings
  • Getting sponsorship

2. Place

  • Decide where you want to hold your event and make sure the venue provides everything you need. 
  • Have a contingency plan in case it rains on the day of an outside event
  • Ensure the venue has sufficient insurance to cover your event.

3. Money

It is a good idea to consider how much your event will cost and how much your event is likely to raise.

4. Helpers

  • Gather a team of willing helpers – allow for last minute changes.
  • Be sure of everybody's particular skills – and use them!
  • Draw up an agreed plan of who is doing what.
  • Give a copy of the plan to all the helpers.
  • Ensure that everyone knows what to do and feels happy and confident about it - people are more willing to help if they are happy.
  • When all jobs have been allocated, make sure that the whole team knows all of the dates and timings- communication is essential.
  • For fundraising in schools, have a meeting with the Head Teacher or form tutor to ensure you have their full support-you may even get their help. 


Legal Bits

1. Lotteries

If you decide to run a small lottery (ie a raffle or tombola):

  • You must not offer cash prizes;
  • The sale of tickets and announcement of results must take place at the event and on the premises;

2. Toys

In line with the Toys (Safety) Regulations it is illegal to sell home-made toys at fetes unless they have been subjected to rigorous safety checks. Your local Trading Standards office should be able to advise you or provide you with a copy of the leaflet Guidelines from British Standards for the Amateur Toymaker.

3. Food

  • Food must be prepared hygienically and each item sold must be pre-wrapped.

4. Drink – applicable to those over 18 years of age.

  • If you are over 18, and planning to sell alcohol and the venue does not have a resident bar you must get the appropriate liquor licence from the local authority
  • If the venue already has a bar you do not need your own licence provided that the venue licensee is present during the event.
  • If you don't have a licence you could increase the cost of your tickets and serve free alcohol.

5. Important!

  • STARS cannot be responsible for any expenses incurred in the course of you organising and holding an event.
  • Participation in dangerous activities is undertaken at your own risk.
  • Please check all insurance requirements for your event, as STARS cannot accept any responsibility for public liability or personal accidents during any fundraising event held on behalf of STARS. 

6. Finally...

Generous sponsors and donors always appreciate a thank you letter for any help or donations they have given. It only takes a few minutes to drop a thank you note into the post. Remember, you might want to rely on these donors for any future fundraising events you do, so it could pay you dividends to keep them happy and informed!


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