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Essential Information

  • A young person who suffers a syncopal episode will ALWAYS recover. It is NOT life threatening.
  • It is important that CPR is not administered on an individual known to have a diagnosis of RAS.
  • A syncopal episode is often scary to witness, especially for the first time.
  • Over-reaction and over-protectiveness can hinder rather than help a pupil with syncope. As long as all staff are fully briefed and able to manage in the event of an episode, there is no need to be unduly worried. Knowledge and understanding will dispel fear and panic.
  • Be sensitive towards the child. The older the child with syncope, the more embarrassing an episode will be for them. The older they are, the more able they are to recognise their warning signs and be aware of possible risks. Many young people with syncope want to keep as low a profile as possible regarding their episodes.
  • It is of the utmost importance that a young person with syncope is treated no differently from their peers.
  • Understandably, parents of young people with syncope can be very anxious when leaving their child in your care. It is important that communication between staff and the parent is good and that you are helpful and understanding towards the parent’s concerns, accommodating their wishes wherever possible.
  • It is unlikely that the pupil will remember the episode. If they do not want to talk about it, do not force them. The individual, however young, will feel emotional, fragile, sensitive and ‘not quite themselves’ after an attack.
  • Keeping a diary is a good way of recording any syncopal events, triggers and warning signs. A record such as this will also be helpful to parents and doctors.


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