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Further Education

Many young people want to continue their education post-16. It may be that the school you attended does not have a Sixth Form facility or that you simply want to move. There are many options open to you for continuing with further education. You could go to a different school that has a Sixth Form facility, a Sixth Form college or a further education (FE) college.

Further education colleges are often able to lend additional learning support to young people with disabilities. They all have a learning support advisor, have a disability statement by law, and receive government funding to pay for any additional support that students may require. However, support should be equally available in all places of further education.

Continuing at this further level is an important transitional period between child and adulthood and can be sometimes overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time. Coping with a different, unfamiliar environment, new teachers and new friends, on top of an increased workload at this level can be worrying and stressful enough for any student, but even more so if you have a medical condition such as syncope.

Will I blackout in front of these new people?
What could trigger an episode?
Will everyone know how to help me if I do?
Will people treat me differently?
What will they think of me?

These are just a few of the many questions that may be troubling you.

Who to inform?

see young people’s page

It is important that all staff are informed of your condition and are provided with a care plan which is circulated and regularly reviewed.

If you are in employment, use this sample care plan to inform your employer about your condition

Work Experience

Read about Work Experience

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