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We are approached by countless patients and caregivers who feel alone and misunderstood about their condition. So when we share others' stories with them, it gives them consolation to know they are not alone.

Share your story with us to feature on the website and maybe even in the media! We get a lot of journalists enquiring about AF Association members with unique stories. Your journey with AFib could help raise awareness of the condition and help many others who are living with it undiagnosed.

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AF Diaries

AF Diaries Too often, AFib can result in a person feeling ‘alone’ and ‘frightened’. The ‘AF diaries’ offer...

Living with AF

Living with AF Philip Philip was diagnosed with AF at the age of 57, after suffering a stroke while on holiday.  Initially he was...

Paroxysmal AF

Paroxysmal AF Tim Cross' story Tim gives a detailed account of stumbling across an innovative procedure whilst watching TV and,...

Under 40 with AF

Under 40 with AF Jay Jay was diagnosed with AF at the age of 29.  He has had three ablations but remains active and continues to...

International Stories

International Accounts AUSTRALIA Will's story There is no history of AF (that I know of) in my family, although my brother had a lone AF...

Catheter ablation

Catheter ablation Pabitra's story Pabitra diagnosed himself with AF after checking his pulse, but it wasn't as easy to convince his GP...

Left atrial appendage occlusion stories

Left atrial appendage occlusion For patients who are at high risk of AF-related stroke, and who do not want to take or are contraindicated...

Finding Help

Finding Help Christine has paroxymal AF and since her diagnosis she has sought help to manage her stress and anxiety levels Read more...

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