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What is atrial fibrillation (AFib)

Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) is the most common heart rhythm disturbance encountered by doctors. It can affect adults of any age, but it is more common as people get older. In the over 65 year old age group,

Symptoms of AFib

Palpitations, otherwise known as awareness of the heartbeat, palpitations are the most common symptom of AFib.

Causes and types of AFib

The cause of AFib is not fully understood and men and women are equally susceptible to the disease. It is also age related – the older you become the more likely you are to develop AFib.

Detecting atrial fibrillation

Know Your Pulse The simplest way to detect heart rhythm disorders like AFib is through a simple pulse check. Our Know Your...

Risks of AFib

What are the risks of AFib? AFib-related stroke The main risk associated with AFib is stroke. This occurs because when a person is in AFib, the...

Protect from AFib-related stroke

Protect from AFib-related stroke What is a stroke? Stroke is a ‘brain attack’ where the oxygen supply to an area of the brain has...

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