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Know Your Pulse


This video teaches you how to check your pulse, it only takes 30 seconds.  
Know Your Pulse to Know Your Rhythm - it could save your life.

Is your heart rhythm too fast, too slow or jumping around (irregular)?
It could be an arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorder). Over a lifetime 1 in 4 of us will develop an irregular heartbeat or pulse. Learning to take your pulse to monitor your heart rhythm can help with early diagnosis.

Our Know Your Pulse campaign promotes the need for us all to be aware of our pulse. We hold regular KYP events where we conduct FREE pulse checks using a one lead mobile EKG device which detects heart rhythm and pulse, and confirms if yours is normal or AF suspected. AF Suspected EKG results can be directly emailed to you, to be taken and discussed with your healthcare provider.  
Contact us if you would like to attend one of our KYP events or host one yourself. 



AliveCor Single Lead ECG

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Management of AF - As Easy as ABC Video Series

In this six-part series, world-renowned AF expert Professor Gregory Lip (Price-Evans Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK) and Mrs Trudie Lobban MBE (Founder and CEO of AF Association) review the ABC protocol for managing Atrial Fibrillation (AF) - exploring how the protocol streamlines care for people with AF. The aim of the videos is to help people with AF, or those at risk of AF, better understand the condition and its available therapies and treatments.

Episode 1 - What is the ABC pathway?

Episode 2 - A is for avoid AF-related stroke

Episode 3 - B is for better rate control

Episode 4 - B is for better rhythm control

Episode 5 - C is for risk factors

Episode 6 - C is for lifestyle management

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Atrial Fibrillation Information


An interview with Trudie Lobban MBE and Dr Hugh Calkins discussing Atrial Fibrillation. 

Everything You Need To Know About Atrial Fibrillation

Author: Dr Syed Ahsan, Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre and The London Heart Clinic 

Atrial Fibrillation And How The Heart Works

Author: Dr Syed Ahsan, Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre and The London Heart Clinic 

Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke

Author: Dr Syed Ahsan, Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre and The London Heart Clinic 

Everything You Need To Know About Atrial Flutter 

Author: Dr Syed Ahsan, Cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre and The London Heart Clinic 

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Device Treatment For Arrhythmias

An interview between Trudie Lobban MBE and Dr Hugh Calkins touching on the different devices used for the treatment of arrhythmias. 

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Catheter Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB)

Learn about what catheter ablation is and how it's used to treat atrial fibrillation (AFIB). Doctors and cardiologists from the Cleveland Clinic describe the catheter ablation procedure, what it is, how it's done and what results can be expected from this surgery.

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Patient Videos

Did you know, AFib patients have a 5-fold higher risk of developing an af-related stroke and a 2-fold risk of dying from stroke.

Watch as David Premo, an atrial fibrillation patient, af-related stroke survivor and one of Arrhythmia Alliance/ AF Association dedicated volunteer shares his journey to recovery.  

In 2017, David suffered a significant af-related stroke with aphasia. Listen as he shares decision points, plans and actions taken to regain speech, resume his position as a university professor and gain recognition as a Division Director of Toastmaster. David’s success is a result of following the advice of Abraham Lincoln, “If it is going to be, it is up to me.” 





To view more patient story videos, CLICK HERE

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