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High Risk Patients Denied Access to Life-saving Treatment

Arrhythmia Alliance is concerned about high risk arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorder) patients who are being secretly denied access to life-saving treatment due to an 'indefinite' NHS England 'evaluation process'.

We are receiving calls now on a weekly basis about people concerned about the threat of a debilitating or life-threatening AF-related stroke, for example, a couple from Surrey, husband John has had 3 AF-related strokes and 2 TIAs, yet due to lack of funding cannot access this potentially life-saving treatment (Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion - recommended by NICE guidance), and would have to pay for it privately.

We are calling on NHS England to urgently review their current decision and allow those patients currently on non-existent 'waiting lists' to receive this treatment during the delayed evaluation process (note this treatment has been used in the UK for nearly ten years, is approved by the FDA and available in other major European countries.

Please contact us If you would like to know more, or wish to speak to Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder and Trustee, Arrhythmia Alliance.


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