We are here for you during this COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to provide support.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

We are aware that people with AF and other arrhythmias are understandably concerned about Coronavirus (COVID 19). Having AF or any arrhythmia does not put you at an increased risk of contracting Coronavirus. However, if you do contract the disease and have cardiovascular issues or other chronic health issues like diabetes or a lung condition, the symptoms may affect you more and may be more dangerous. More infomation through our guidance and resources below.

COVID-19 Information For Arrhythmia Patients


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ACE Inhibitors or ARB Information for Arrhythmia Patients 2
Atrial Fibrillation 1 Long QT Syndrome

Atrial Fibrillation 2


Brugada Syndrome

Remote Monitoring


Vasovagal Syncope 1

Devices for Arrhythmias

Vasovagal Syncope 2
Information for Arrhythmia Patients 1

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Have you had an appointment cancelled or surgery postponed? 

Are you waiting for an ECG?

Do you have a pacemaker or ICD?

Are you being remote monitored?

We are working in partnership with the NHS, ECG and device manufacturers, to ensure that you have access, advice, information and support you need. CLICK HERE to see our collaboration with device companies and available technical support.

We are aware that many people will be switching to Remote Monitoring rather than visiting the cardiac clinic for check-ups.

We are able to provide emotional support and information, and to signpost you to your manufacturer if you have any technical queries. Contact us 01789 867501 or info@heartrhythmalliance.org

You can download our: Remote Monitoring booklet by clicking here / Which ECG is best for you booklet can be found by clicking here

Please click below to access each item of guidance or educational resource:

NHS Guidance - Clinical guide for the management of cardiology patients during the coronavirus pandemic - CLICK HERE

NHS Support - Text Message Support For Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms - CLICK HERE

NICE - An update on COVID-19 - CLICK HERE


Arrhythmia Alliance - Update email - CLICK HERE

COVID-19 - Write to you MP to Call for Charity Support - AA / AFA / STARS


- Atrial Fibrillation and COVID-19

- COVID-19 Risk for Patients taking ACEi and ARBs UK

- COVID-19 Risk for Patients taling ACEi and ARBs US

- Guidance On Safe Switching of Warfarin to DOAC COVID-19

- Specialty Guide For the Management of Cardiology Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

- Anticoagulation During COVID-19


Don't let cancelled/postponed conferences stop your educational learning! We have a large number of educational presentations available online:

Digital London Arrhythmia Summit 2020

Heart Rhythm Congress 2018 & 2017

London Arrhythmia Summit - 2019 - 2018

STARS London Syncope Meeting 2019

STARS North West Syncope Symposium 2019

Arrhythmia Alliance Cardiac Update Meetings will soon be available


To prevent the spread of this illness or other illnesses (including the flu):

• Wash your hands often with soap and water, (recommended every two hours for a minimum of 20 seconds – some say sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice so you know you have washed them long enough)

• It has also been advised to clean your mobile phone every time your wash your hands

• Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze (advice is to cough into your arm rather than your hand to reduce risk of spreading any germs

• Visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19 for more information on the Coronavirus, including what you should know about symptoms, treatments, testing, and other frequently asked questions.


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