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I had an ablation on the 4th of May. For the first 36 hours I was okay, feeling a bit beat-up, but not able to sleep well as I couldn’t get in a comfortable position and couldn’t sleep on my left hand side.

Then I developed Atrial tachycardia with a rate of about 145, which was quite worrying as I had never had a pulse that fast for years. It also made me feel quite bad. I eventually spoke to the cardiac nurse who said this was quite normal. The tachycardia went away after a few hours to be replaced by Atrial Fibrillation, though worse than I had had it before. I also had a pain in my breastbone that I wasn’t expecting.

I then had spells of AF and normal sinus rhythm. When in NSR I was reasonably optimistic but during AF I felt quite depressed; wondering if I’d done the right thing. The spells of AF have reduced slightly and the heart feels less uncomfortable now. I found the experience different to what I had expected. I think it was psychologically more challenging. I wish I’d had more support from the Electro-physiologist or cardiac nurse.

I’m pretty fit, but I think a week is the minimum before carrying out light work, and at least two weeks before more exercise. 

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