The International Pharmacist for Anticoagulation Care Taskforce (iPACT)

As part of the a long standing awareness created by the AF Association, in 2017 a partnership was created with The International Pharmacist for Anticoagulation Care Taskforce (iPACT). This partnership intended to extend the outreach of this programme by actively involving pharmacists worldwide in raising the awareness of AF and also using such events as an opportunity to engage in early detection and referral for appropriate care. The 2017 involved ten countries. In 2018, another four countries joined the initiative: Brazil, Germany, Qatar and Slovenia.  This issue we will focus in Brazil. The initiative is being conducted by Prof. Silvana Nair Leite, Professor in Pharmacy and Public Health, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

An initial team meeting was conducted with a multidisciplinary team of a Primary Healthcare Centre so that all were aware of the event and cooperated according to the delegated competences (figure 1). One Pharmacy of the Public Health System at the University is also participating (figure 2).

It is set as a permanent service, where individuals coming to the pharmacies in those two facilities are invited to participate and have their pulse checked (figure 2).

So far, 137 individuals have been invited, all of whom accepted.   A total of 27 had an abnormality in their rhythm or rate, 17 of whom were considered worth referring to the physician (in written) for further investigation (figure 3).  As this is a very recent initiative we have no confirmation data yet.


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