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Christine's story

Christine has paroxymal AF and since her diagnosis she has sought help to manage her stress and anxiety levels. Read more

Ann's story

Despite being young and with good support, Ann still found finding a successful solution which controlled her AF difficult. Read more

Stan's story

Stan travelled thousands of miles to seek help and relief for his symptomatic AF. Read more

Chris's story

Learnt the hard way! How foods affect my arrhythmia. Chris discusses how food can affect his arrhythmias. Read more

Bob' story

Heart Rhythm Congress 2008 – A View From The Audience. Finding out, finding help, knowing you're not alone, Bob's discovery Read more

Peter's story

How finding the right doctor helped Peter back to work to enjoy life. Having been in permanent AF and taking medication since I was diagnosed in January 2004, I found that the breathlessness and fatigue which I had lived with since then got a lot worse in September 2007. Read more

The role of the Specialist Arrhythmia Nurse

The difference Arrhythmia Specialist Nurses can and do make to patient care.  Arrhythmia care is often best when supported by a team of specialists. Jayne Mudd and Angela Griffiths, both Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist highlight their innovative work which has lead to the expansion of local arrhythmia services. Read more

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