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Many people who are living with heart rhythm disorders are unaware that their palpitations or shortness of breath could indicate a life-threatening arrhythmia. For example, experts suggest that up to half of all AF patients have not yet been detected. Because the world’s population is ageing and medical advancements have enabled people to survive in spite of previously lifethreatening conditions, which also happen to make them more predisposed to arrhythmias, the prevalence of life-threatening arrhythmias, especially AF, is rising.

There is a growing need for community-wide education, particularly involving healthcare providers and human service agencies, to increase awareness among members of the public living who may be living with undiagnosed AF. Additionally, the most relevant, up-to-date information needs to be easily accessible to medical professionals involved in the delivery of care to ensure appropriate support and signposting. There is a significant lack of awareness amongst AF patients and their communities around how a pulse check can identify potential heart rhythm disorders. This scenario highlights the need for an educational and awareness campaign designed to inform the public, patients, caregivers and medical professionals about AF, its symptoms, risks, and the need to investigate persistent heart rhythm abnormalities.

Early detection leading to diagnosis and appropriate anticoagulation therapy is essential to avoid preventable AF-related stroke, which thereby reduces the associated burden to both the patient and their family.

Given these circumstances, Arrhythmia Alliance wants everyone to be aware of their pulse so that they can detect any irregularity and seek medical attention. The cheapest and easiest way to detect an arrhythmia is with a manual pulse check. By checking an individual’s pulse, a fast or unsteady heartbeat may be detected. The importance of pulse checks should be widely publicised and undertaken both inside and outside of medical practices. People are commonly aware of their weight, cholesterol, and BMI; however, something as simple as one’s pulse is often unknown, despite it costing nothing and no equipment being required. Arrhythmia Alliance is committed to ensuring that everyone, no matter their age, learns to take their pulse and that of others.

In order to effectively engage with the greatest number of people in the broadest geographic area, Arrhythmia Alliance will continue to develop partnerships with patients, professionals, charities, government bodies, industry representatives, and care providers in order to promote the timely diagnosis and effective management of AF. Particular attention will be paid to scheduling and advertising ‘Know Your Pulse’ events such that that greatest number of individuals can benefit from the simple health check, pulse check tutorial, optional ECG, and educational materials.

One of the most important lessons that Arrhythmia Alliance has learned in regard to the ‘Know Your Pulse’ events relates to the importance of collaborating with local healthcare professionals, medical centers, and patient support organizations. By involving these parties, Arrhythmia Alliance is better equipped to raise the public’s awareness of arrhythmias; inform local advocates and medical professionals of the organisation’s ‘Know Your Pulse’ events; serve as a liaison between individuals with irregular heart rhythms and their physicians; suggest local resources to individuals and families affected by arrhythmias; and develop a national/global network of informed supporters.

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