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GPs urged to check patients' pulse in bid to cut strokes

People with atrial fibrillation have a significantly higher risk of stroke, but if they have been diagnosed then they can be given medication to control ...

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Risk of stroke and transient ischaemic attack in patients with a diagnosis of resolved atrial fibrillation: retrospective cohort studies

Patients with resolved atrial fibrillation remain at higher risk of stroke or TIA than patients without atrial fibrillation. The risk is increased even in those in whom recurrent atrial fibrillation is not documented. Guidelines should be updated to advocate continued use of anticoagulants in patients with resolved atrial fibrillation.

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New research puts irregular heartbeat treatment in the spotlight

HEART: In Atrial Fibrillation, the heart's atria do not beat in a controlled ... never had this irregular heart rhythm, referred to as Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

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LAA closure during cardiac surgery lowers long-term stroke, mortality risk

According to the study, many patients who undergo cardiac surgery have a history of atrial fibrillation, which is associated with increased risk for stroke ...

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Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder and CEO, Arrhythmia Alliance Media Tour Clip

Listen to these clips of Trudie Lobban MBE on her media tour to make people more pulse aware.

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Cardiac Rhythm News 21 May 2018

Keep up to date with the latest news all in one place.

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Greater burden of atrial fibrillation linked to higher stroke risk

OAKLAND, Calif. May 16, 2018 -- Among people with intermittently recurring atrial fibrillation who are not taking anti-blood-clotting medications, those whose hearts were in abnormal rhythms longer were three times more likely to have strokes or other types of blood clots than those who had abnormal heart rhythms for less time, according to a new Kaiser Permanente study.

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Stroke, TIA Risk Remain High After Atrial Fibrillation Resolved

Patients with resolved atrial fibrillation have an increased risk for stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) compared with individuals without atrial fibrillation, according to a study published in the BMJ.

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6.1 million Americans at risk of deadly stroke due to an irregular heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation

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Heart patients in England at risk from gaps in NHS care

... Bayer, the report reveals a range of deficiencies in care and monitoring for patients with the irregular heartbeat condition known as atrial fibrillation.

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