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Semana del ritmo cardíaco

Our aim for World Heart Rhythm Week ( 5-11 June 2017) was to:

  • Make 1 million people Pulse Rhythm Aware
  • Take 10,000 pulse rhythm checks
  • Identify 1,000 people with an irregular heart rhythm 
  • Hold 100 'Know Your Pulse' events

Here's how we did...

Just through our Social Media sources alone, we made more than ONE MILLION people Pulse Rhythm Aware.

We distributed over 600 Arrhythmia Alliance information and event packs to Healthcare Professionals in the UK plus many more internationally.

More than 15 countries participated in World Heart Rhythm Week.

Over 200 'Know Your Pulse' events have taken place in UK hospitals and GP practices.

Collecting and collating pulse check data is ongoing however we know that we have surpassed over 10,000 pulse checks!

By making more people arrhythmia aware you have helped to highlight the importance of identifying and referring new patients for treatment who are unaware they may be walking around with a potentially debilitating or fatal arrhythmia.


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