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Arrhythmias are usually first brought to the attention of general practitioners or doctors in emergency departments.  In many cases, a patient will be referred to a cardiologist or specialist. This cardiologist may or may not have a specialist interest in heart rhythm disorders.  Cardiologists who specialize in heart rhythm disorders will usually also be called an electrophysiologist. If you are seen by a general cardiologist you may be referred on to see an electrophysiologist, but if this is not offered you can request specialist referral from either your general practitioner or cardiologist.

Before proceeding with any procedure, you should ask the electrophysiologist about his or her personal level of experience and results. A team approach to arrhythmia care is important and you should also ask about the number of cases performed in the hospital where you will have the procedure.

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HealthUnlocked is an international online community forum where patients and carers can go to share their experiences with other patients with similar conditions, ask for and offer advice and support, and discuss treatment options. It is particularly useful for those cannot attend a local support group. Please remember that the members on this forum are not medically trained, but some are very knowledgeable.

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