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A Message from our Founder, Trudie Lobban MBE, FRCP (Edin) 












Arrhythmia Alliance has never been more committed to providing information, support, education and awareness to those affected by or involved in the care of cardiac arrhythmias, syncope and atrial fibrillation. Our services have never been so in demand. 

My dedicated team is working remotely, speaking with worried patients and concerned loved-ones, answering enquiries from healthcare professionals, assisting with access to mobile EKGs and remote monitoring as so many appointments and operations have been cancelled or postponed as well as enabling device companies to collaborate in order to help deliver services directly to patients as recommended by their doctors. Although this is one of the worst experiences that we have all lived through, some good things are emerging as a result.
  • We now recognize the importance of our healthcare professionals and the dedication and passion they have demonstrated, putting their own lives before others to care for the sick.
  • We will appreciate our friends and families more as we realise how much we miss and love them, and need them in our lives.
  • We will respect our teachers, shop workers, delivery workers and all those who provide essential services that previously we have probably taken for granted.
  • We now realize how much we need each other and how we must work together and appreciate each other.
This was the foundation of Arrhythmia Alliance – to collaborate, to form coalitions, to respect each other, to appreciate each other – Together We Are Strong. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that our unique experiences and knowledge are heard as widely as possible and are recognised as vital components in fighting the pandemic. Please stay safe, remain at home if you can, and together we will get through this. 
Take care, Trudie

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We are following guidelines and working from home, but that has not stopped us from providing informative publications and educational videos from leading professionals. However, we NEED your support. Please consider making a donation to help us continue providing this important information.

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