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"Every Heartbeat Counts" | Maia Lemardeley's CPVT Journey 

Maia, an inspiring young lady and pupil in Year 6, has written and filmed a TED talk about living with her heart condition (CPVT) along with the help that she has received.


Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmias

A Q&A session with Trudie Lobban MBE and Dr Hugh Calkins regarding inherited cardiac arrhythmias.


Device Treatment For Arrhythmias

An interview between Trudie Lobban MBE and Dr Hugh Calkins touching on the different devices used for the treatment of arrhythmias. For more information, contact us.


Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs Save Lives Bewley Homes Educational Video

Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs Save Lives has been working in partnership with Bewley Homes to place lifesaving defibrillators. Bewley Homes have produced this educational video aimed at all ages.


Living With AF

What happens when you are told that you have the irregular heart rhythm condition atrial fibrillation (AF)? Join David, Hannah and Ian  through their experiences with AF.


A video prepared on how to be AF aware as well as how to know your pulse. This is directed for the hard to reach community (South Asians) as conducted with a mix of Punjabi/English. 

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Know your pulse    

Arrhythmia specialists





    Professor Richard Sutton, Imperial College London, Member of STARS Medical Advisory Committee and Professor Boon Lim, Clinical Lead for the Imperial Syncope Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, Member of STARS Medical Advisory Committee


    Question – The history of fainting – Is there any link between syncope and sudden cardiac death?













Celebrating 10 years












Now is the time





Sudden Cardiac Arrest



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