Community AED Placements

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Defibs Save Lives at Bewley Homes - Madejski Stadium

Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs Save Lives has been working in partnership with Bewley Homes to place lifesaving defibrillators. Bewley Homes have produced this educational video aimed at all ages.



Shipston on Stour AED Cabinet's Refreshed

These three cabinets have been refreshed and look as good as new with new stickers. This helps keep the cabinets easy to identify to the public. Take a look at the images below of the Shipston on Stour George Hotel AED, Shipston on Stour Ellen Badger AED and the Newbold on Stour AED.


Chichester Rugby Football Club

We would like to say a huge thank you and well done to Clare McCullough Tate for making Chichester Rugby Football Club HeartSafe with their new AED.

Clare said, "As a cardiac nurse specialising in heart rhythm disorders I see the devastation most days when a loved one experiences a Cardiac arrest.  My own friend died aged 21 from sudden cardiac arrest so I have always been passionate about raising awareness on  Sudden cardiac death.  There appears to be a lack of public access defibs still in this country and I hope by doing our fundraising events that this will indeed contribute to the Defibs Save Lives Campaign."

Armscote, Warwickshire are HeartSafe









One of our local villages, Armscote, have 24/7 access to a defibrillator. 

It is wonderful to see all of our local villages becoming HeatSafe through our Defibs Save Lives campaigns!



November 2015 

The Town of Frome was delighted to receive an unsolicited accolade of being the first community in the UK to establish a ‘network’ of publicly available defibrillators (PAD) across its town. 

Frome now has a network of 24/7 publicly available defibrillators for its community of 30,000 people which will act as a silent superhero to come to their aid in the event of that unexpected cardiac trauma - which could happen to anyone, of any age, anywhere, at anytime.



Worlds End pub, Knaresborough

August 2015

A heart defibrillator has now been installed outside the Worlds End public house in Knaresborough.

The unit is in a locked and heated enclosure, with the number being held by the 999 emergency services.  They give members of the public access to the automated external defibrillator (AED) should a need arise.

There had been delays to the installation of the unit as Harrogate Borough Council had initially demanded £195 for planning consent for its installation, before changing their minds that planning was not required.

If you are interested in fund raising for an AED in your area then email











Billingham Synthonia Junior Football Club

April 2015

Lisa Clayton has been in touch with us to announce they have placed their Seventh AED !

11 April 2015: ''Defibrillator donated this morning to Billingham Synthonia Juniors ! These guys have 10 teams with children aged between 7 and 16 year old. Thanks to you guys for continuously supporting the hearts and goals charity, together we can make Billingham and the surrounding areas better prepared for SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) and save lives by having defibs placed in as many places as we can to protect those we love x''

The Clayton family have already started planning for there next fundraiser, we would like to wish them all the luck and we look forward to hearing about the next AED placement !

If you would like to attend one of the many fundraising events the Clayton family arrange, please visit there facebook page John Clayton Fundraiser.






Carterton Community College

February 2015

Carterton Community College is the latest school to be protected under the Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs in Schools project.

Arrhythmia Alliance, The Heart Rhythm Charity, established the Defibs in Schools project in 2013. Since then, the number of schools who have invested in the campaign has grown considerably, notably in response to the government establishing a provision for these life-saving devices in schools across the UK.

AEDs do not require training and can be used by anyone to shock a person’s heart back to normal rhythm if they suffer sudden cardiac arrest. When used alongside cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), they raise the chance of survival from 9% to 50% when compared to the use of CPR alone.

Patsy Moore, Year 8 Achievement Support and Pastoral Administrator at the school, said: “We have a defib trainer on site and one of the School Houses now plans to ‘adopt’ Arrhythmia Alliance as its chosen charity this year.

“We are more aware than most of the lifesaving difference that can be made with an AED – the school have 2 first-aid trainers on site.

“The school also offers Junior Medic Courses which help students learn lifesaving skills in a fun environment; it’s a great way to learn. Student feedback has been really positive, they love developing these new skills.

“The children at the school are now looking forward to learning more about their heart and importance of a simple pulse check.”

As part of their application, students and staff are due to start work on a video in which they will talk about why the school will benefit from an AED.

Trudie Lobban MBE, Arrhythmia Alliance Founder & Trustee, said: “Carterton Community College is leading the way in securing this important provision to help protect students and staff in the event of emergency.

“Sudden cardiac arrest does not discriminate against age, gender or personal fitness. Although I hope it will never be used, every member of the school must now be safe in the knowledge they have access to this lifesaving device.”

Is your school HeartSafe? Email for further information on Arrhythmia Alliance Defibs in Schools.

Bath and Racquets Club Ltd

February 2015









Bath and Racquets Club have placed an AED to make their club heart safe. We are thrilled to have worked with the Bath and Racquets Club in London.

Reading railway station

Thursday 4 December 2014

Our defib campaign ambassador Bernard Gallacher OBE joined Trudie Lobban MBE, Arrhythmia Alliance charity Founder & Trustee at Reading Station this morning.

A-A was delighted to unveil a public-access defibrillator at the site for use in the event of emergency. We donated this important device with support from property developer Bewley Homes.

Arrhythmia Alliance - Defibs Save Lives plans to partner with Bewley Homes again in future to help place many more lifesaving defibrillators at locations across Reading and Berkshire.

Listen to Jack FM radio interview with Trudie Lobban MBE


December 2014

Whichford’s new pieces of lifesaving equipment have been placed under Hearts & Goals, a high profile campaign by leading UK heart rhythm charity Arrhythmia Alliance, which supports the placement of lifesaving equipment and provides CPR and AED training in communities across the UK.

Simon Wood, a Whichford resident, who has helped to raise the funds behind this life-saving equipment said: “Living where we do, in such a rural location, it can take the Ambulance Service up to half an hour to respond to an emergency call.”

“This equipment will make such a difference in the event of a heart emergency, as it will be accessible to everyone. I would like to thank the Whichford & Ascott Flower Show Committee who have kindly part-funded this device and other residents in the village who have kindly donated to help make this happen.”

Charters Leisure Centre

We were thrilled to hear this life-saving story, below, from Lesley Gallacher. Please get in touch on 01789 867531 if your local leisure centre or community needs an AED.

In life we tend to look to our emergency services in search of our local heroes. Rarely do we look to the person behind the desk at our local gym. Yet, on the 11th August, a group from Charters Leisure Centre stepped up and became heroes themselves, when they came to the aid of a member.

It was just after 9pm when a local man from neighbouring Camberley collapsed while he played Badminton in the sports hall. Sahil Khan, the duty manager that night, was called into action and found the gentleman unconscious and not breathing. Immediately he launched into a cycle of CPR and shocks from the onsite AED unit (automated external defibrillator), assisted by Martin Oliver, the staff assistant for the night, and the badminton players who witnessed his collapse.

A credit to the processes put in place by the emergency services, a local policeman heard what was occurring and, being close by, arrived at Charters Leisure Centre to offer his assistance while they waited for the paramedics. Taking over from Sahil, who had now been delivering cycles of CPR and shocks for over six minutes, the local policeman continued the CPR until the paramedics arrived a few minutes later.

Bob was still unconscious when he was rushed to hospital, and the staff at the Centre were thankful to hear of his later full recovery. It turns out Sahil, Martin and co had rushed to aid a man suffering a major cardiac arrest, and that without the crucial CPR and AED shocks he received prior to the ambulance arriving, he would not have survived.

Lesley Gallacher went to the club a few days later, in order to congratulate Sahil and the team and to present them with a new AED which has been kindly donated by their local councillor, Lynda Yong.








September 2014

John Clayton, from Billingham, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) on 4 April 2010 whilst playing football in a charity match. Unfortunately, John did  not survive the SCA and sadly passed away, leaving behind his wife, four children, parents and siblings.

Since then, John's family have come together and fundraised tirelessly through our Hearts & Goals campaign in order to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in communities and sports clubs.

One AED has been given to their local cricket club, Billingham Synthonia Cricket Club, where they were thrilled to recieve the life-saving equipement. A second has gone to The Oaks Lakes at Sessay in North Yorkshire, a beautiful venue which serves over 1000 anglers each week. This venue is very remote and will hence really benefit from having an AED on site in case of an emergency. The Oaks Lakes is used by the Billingham Angling club for their club matches. The third AED has been donated to the Redcar Bears Speedway track.

We would like to thank the Clayton family for their support and we look forward to hearing where the fourth AED will be placed!







Alveston, South Gloucestershire

After several very successful fundraising events, Alveston has becoming the latest village to install a public access AED (PAD)!

We would like to thank everyone who made this possible for their support in this campaign.





Paul Lawrie Golf Centre

20th July 2014






Paul Lawrie Golf Centre, set within the beautiful Royal Teeside, has now proudly displayed their AED on the wall hook. They sent this, along with the photo, from their Twitter account on Sunday 20th July:

"Calling all golf clubs if you haven't already get on-board @PlayGolf4Defibs"

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Lawrie Golf Centre for supporting our Bernard Gallacher Campaign and encouraging other golf clubs to also place AEDs.

Bernard Gallacher Defibrillator Campaign Awareness Day

11th July 2014
Wrotham Heath Golf Club

Wrotham Heath Golf Club hosted a Texas Scramble Competition in order to raise awareness of Arrhythmia Alliance's Bernard Gallacher Campaign. Sixty players took part in the day and the winning team was presented with their prizes by Bernard Gallacher himself.
Wrotham Heath Golf Club has recently placed an AED in their golf club as part of this campaign. They have made sure that their members know about it and that it is visible to all.










Hazel Grove Golf Club welcomes new lifesaving device

The members of Hazel Grove Golf Club have placed a lifesaving AED in their golf club as part of the Bernard Gallacher Campaign.

The device is live and has been placed in the Clubhouse. It is accessible by all members of the golf club, as well as by the general public, and should be used in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. It has been placed as part of the Bernard Gallacher Campaign, a campaign led by Shipston-on-Stour based charity Arrhythmia Alliance that works alongside professional golfer Bernard Gallacher to raise awareness and support the placement of public-access defibrillators (AEDs) in golf clubs across Great Britain and Ireland.

AEDs do not require training and can be used by anyone to shock a person’s heart back to normal rhythm if they suffer sudden cardiac arrest. When used alongside CPR, they raise the chance of survival from 9% to 50% as compared to the use of CPR alone.

Mick Jones, Captain of Hazel Grove Golf Club proudly presented the AED to Peter Simcock, President of Hazel Grove Golf Club and said: "This is a life-saving piece of equipment for which the members of Hazel Grove have, once again, sprung into action to give their support and donate funds.

“I sincerely hope we never have to use it but everyone who has contributed to this initiative should be immensely proud that their efforts could potentially - one day - save someone’s life".

The Bernard Gallacher Defibrillator campaign is spearheaded by former Ryder Cup winning Captain and International Golf professional, Bernard Gallacher and his wife, Lesley. The campaign is in response to Bernard suffering a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) during a dinner reception in Aberdeen, in August 2013. Due to the prompt actions of other guests, the availability and use of an AED following his collapse, together with early-response CPR treatment at the venue, his life was saved.

Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder and CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance said: “Bernard’s experience shows the life-saving difference of early CPR and use of an AED when someone collapses from SCA. We are delighted that Hazel Grove Golf Club has placed this AED and joined the campaign.”

“An estimated 100,000 people in the UK die each year from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). That is more people than die from AIDS, breast cancer and lung cancer combined. CPR alone saves only 9% of victims, however using an AED and CPR can increase a person’s chance of survival to more than 50%. UK Golf clubs serve more than four million people each year, but only a third currently have an AED. Our aim is for every club to have one by the end of 2014.”


July 2014

The first batch of public access defibrillators (AEDs) have been installed and are now available for emergency use, 24/7, for the people Frome.   

AEDs do not require training and can be used by anyone to shock a person’s heart back into normal rhythm if they suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. They increase the chance of someone surviving from 9% to 50% when compared to the use of CPR alone.

Frome’s new pieces of lifesaving equipment have been placed under Hearts & Goals, a high profile campaign by leading UK heart rhythm charity Arrhythmia Alliance, which supports the placement of lifesaving equipment and provides CPR and AED training in communities across the UK.

The first of the units have now been commissioned at The Key Centre, Cheese and Grain, Memorial Theatre. The initiative headed by the Friends of the Hospital, will soon see up to fourteen units placed widespread at strategic locations around the Town over the coming weeks.

Friends of Frome Hospital Defibrillator Project Leader, Derek Trick says: “This cross-community initiative is being supported by the Town Council, local businesses and the various service clubs.

“Each AED unit is housed in a temperature-controlled cabinet with access controlled by the 999 emergency services. In an emergency the caller will be directed to their nearest AED unit and given a three digit code to release the ready-charged, ready to use defibrillator. Once the unit is with the patient, the user-friendly Heartsine Samaritan defibrillator will have easy-to-understand visual instructions and voice prompts, along with CPR chest pumping advice to administer until paramedics arrive on the scene. The defibrillator cannot be used incorrectly as it will only deliver a shock to the patient only if it detects it is necessary.        

“Once most of the AED’s are installed it is the intention of the ‘Friends’ to organise public awareness meetings, in conjunction with the South West Ambulance Service and the charity Arrhythmia Alliance to ensure the people have an appreciation of the defibrillator community project.  Keep in mind, a cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, of any age, anywhere and at any time.”

Arrhythmia Alliance Founder & Trustee, Trudie Lobban MBE, said: “Arrhythmia Alliance welcomes the support of the people of Frome in the much needed placement of public access defibrillators (also known as AEDs) for use by all in the community in the event of an emergency.

“Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, at any time, and is the UK's biggest killer, killing more people than breast cancer, lung cancer and Aids combined. Every community should have lifesaving public-access AEDs available 24/7 ready in cases of emergency.”

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Bury St Edmunds

April 2014

Brothers Paul and Jay Hicklin joined Hearts & Goals after their father, Will, died following a sudden cardiac arrest in April 2012.

They are working hard to place lifesaving AEDs in their community.

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Saturday 5 April 2014 - Stratton-on-Fosse Village Hall






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Buckingham AED project

March 2014: Thank you to Geoff Shaw for keeping us posted on his AED project. You can read his account below.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a condition in which the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly owing to a malfunction in the heart’s electrical system. It often strikes without warning. People of all ages, fitness levels and walks of life can experience one. There are 250+ SCAs per day: this is equivalent to a jumbo jet crash every day. In the UK less than 5% of victims survive out of hospital. Prompt use of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) raises this survival rate to 9%. However the prompt use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) raises this to 50%. If an AED is used within 8 minutes, there is a very good chance of complete survival. As time increases, obviously survival rates will decrease sharply. Because they are so simple to use, they can be administered by any member of the public before the arrival of an ambulance or a first responder following the 999 call.

For a town of its size Buckingham has very few first responders on call and has no publicly accessible defibrillators.As time is of the essence in this emergency, a group of residents have now formed a charity to launch a project to facilitate the provision of publicly accessible AEDs in Buckingham and to encourage and foster new volunteers to be first responders. 

Surgeries, the University, the Swan Pool and the Golf Club have these machines but we feel it is important that Buckingham has these available in places of high footfall. Winslow and Adstock have already just installed such machines in public areas. We hope to provide three in the town in the first instance. 

We are delighted that Waitrose has chosen us to be one of their three community projects with the green discs for the month of April: we ask you to consider placing your disc in our box.

We are looking for more members to join this group. All we want at this stage is strong support for the idea: any individual member can choose to do as much or as little as they feel able.

Please contact Geoff Shaw on 01280 812547

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The Cardiac Cup

Hearts & Goals fundraiser Adrian Hall, who himself suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest in March 2012, held a fundraising event in Summer 2013 to raise funds for AEDs across Nottinghamshire. He kindly wrote this report for us. Well done Adrian!

Whilst recovering in hospital from my sudden cardiac arrest in March 2012, my wife and I decided we would not let this affect our lives any more than it needed to and that we would turn a negative into a positive. I thought about how my life had been saved by a defibrillator and when I got out of hospital I did some research on defibs and came across Arrhythmia Alliance and their Hearts and Goals Campaign (Fabrice Muamba’s chosen charity). They are trying to get as many defibs in public places across the country.

Whilst in hospital, I was told I could never play football again so had to look for other non-contact sports to play so as most of my friends were golfers I decided to take up the game. After becoming addicted to golf very quickly, I had the idea of using my new passion to do some good and came up with The Cardiac Cup. A golf event where I would invite as many people as possible to play and then their partners to an evening event where we had live music, charity auction and raffle. The day was amazing and we had 96 golfers turn up and play. The prizes were awesome, with Sytner BMW bringing a brand new Mini over as a prize for a hole in one on the 17th hole (I had to insure against this obviously!). The weather was amazing and the people at Rufford Park Golf and Country Club helped make the day run as well as it possibly could. I also had a volunteer from Rufford who gave up his day called Ben Jones who I would like to thank. The evening event was brilliant and we managed to get 180 people there who really dug deep to help raise as much as possible.

We managed to raise £6,500 in total with the day costing us £3,000 so we had £3,500 to spend on defibs. This amount meant we had enough money to buy 3 to place in public places around the area.

The first one was donated to Nottingham Climbing Centre in Basford. I heard through a friend that they had been raising money to buy one and when I spoke to Steve Frudd the manager, I could tell how much it meant to him to have one. Here I am pictured with Steve Frudd from Nottingham Climbing Centre.

The second was donated to Sherwood Forest Golf Club. I had heard a story from a friend of mine who was a member there that somebody had unfortunately died there and if the club had a defib perhaps they could have saved this unfortunate person. I am pictured again here handing the AED to Sherwood Forest GC Club Captain Richard Cooper and Lady Captain Michelle Farquar Duckmanton.

That got me thinking that if somewhere like Sherwood Forest didn’t have one then perhaps other golf courses would benefit from one. The beauty of playing a round of golf is that in parts of the course on a sunny day you could be anywhere in the world but that also brings danger in that you are totally isolated. A lot of golf courses have people who are in the latter years of their lives and having a defib at the course is piece of mind for those people. I called around the local clubs and most of them, to my relief do have defibs on site. Having contacted Notts Golf Course (Hollinwell), and speaking to the course manager Martyn Bonner, I decided that is where I would donate the third defib. I am pictured here handing the AED to Notts Golf Club Captain David Tillcock.

Sytner mini kindly supplied a car for the hole in one prize.

I will be hosting the event again in 2014 anybody wanting to enter at team, sponsor a hole or simply make a donation should contact me on 07989 582725. Thank you!


Fabrice Muamba opens new heart unit

In February 2013, Hearts & Goals ambassador Fabrice Muamba opened a new cardiac unit at Queen's Hospital, Burton upon Trent.






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Fundraising event for Rosemary Remembered campaign

Laurence Kidd joined Hearts & Goals to support the placement of AEDs in communities around Ipswich and surrounding areas in memory of his mother Rosemary who sadly lost her life to sudden cardiac arrest when there was no AED on hand. He is joining his sister in this Table Top Sale on Saturday 23 November 2013 to support their campaign.

Please call Sophie on 07834 237293 for more information.

AED donated to Minsthorpe Community College, South Elmsall

9th October 2013

Hearts & Goals fundraiser Chris Solomons was an hand at Minsthorpe Community College on Wednesday 9th October to donate a lifesaving AED to students at the school. We thank for him for his kind donation for Hearts & Goals.

Pictured: Back row L to R, Joy Taggart (Heartsine Technologies), Sharron Martin (Community Defib Trainer Yorkshire Ambulance Service), Liz Fairhurst (Vice Principle), John Gregory (Principle), Terri (Principle of the Nursery), Ben (Sports Manager), Simon (Local Police Constable)
Front row L to R, William (Student Council), Zack (Student Council), Pam and Chris Solomons, Tyler (Student Council)

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Fundraiser in memory of Philip Lamin at Bexleyheath Academy

Bexleyheath pupil, Philip Lamin, tragically died aged just 16 while playing football with schoolmates at Bexleyheath Academy. Arrhythmia Alliance is now working with his teachers and schoolmates to place a life-saving public-access defibrillator on site.

In addition to a fundraiser on Sunday 22 June, students and staff are holding an open air concert on Friday 5 July at the Courtyard at Bexleyheath Academy to raise funds for Hearts & Goals.

Defibrillators launched up and down the UK during Heart Rhythm Week

Heart Rhythm Week (June 3-9) saw the launch of public-access AEDs in communities up and down the country as part of Hearts & Goals. This year Heart Rhythm Week focused on raising awareness of the lifesaving potential a bystander can make when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest particularly when an AED is on hand.


The town of Alcester launched a total of six new AEDs (automated external defibrillators) on the first day of Heart Rhythm Week 2013. Ann Delany and Alison Brown, from the town, pulled together the fundraising for the devices. Ann was inspired into action because a close relative suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Midlands Today featured the news on their evening news show on BBC1.

Watch the coverage here:

Read more here 





















Bury St Edmunds 

Paul Hicklin and his brother Jay fundraised for AEDs in memory of their dad Will. The first was launched at Bury St Edmunds fire station during Heart Rhythm Week. Will tragically died after collapsing while working on a farm. The brothers held a 24-hour dartathon and other fundraising events to raise an amazing total of more than £5,000 for Hearts & Goals.


Bexleyheath Academy

Bexleyheath pupil, Philip Lamin, tragically died aged just 16 while playing football with schoolmates. Arrhythmia Alliance donated a device to the Academy as a tribute to Philip and in recognition of fundraising work the school has done for Hearts & Goals. Head of Year 11, Tracey Boswell, said: "We don't know if an AED would have saved Philip but by having this device we now know that everyone here is protected. It is a wonderful legacy and a fitting tribute to a wonderful boy."


Portland Bill

Portland Bill Coastwatch, in Dorset, launched a public access AED at the lookout during Heart Rhythm Week. Station manager, Geoff Peters, contacted Arrhythmia Alliance determined to place one of the devices to protect the public. Geoff said: "This is quite a remote area but the lighthouse nearby gets a lot of visitors every day so the defibrillator will be there for the public as well. It is great to know the community will have this protection."

MK Channel Rowers

Members of staff at the Milton Keynes Dons Sports & Education Trust teamed up with the local Milton Keynes rowing club to row across the English Channel on Sunday 28 April and raise funds for Hearts & Goals. A life-saving public-access defibrillator will now be placed on site at the MK Dons training ground. The device will be available for use by anyone, including vistors to both the local hockey and tennis club.

Read the press release


















Liz and Dan fundraising for Hearts & Goals

Liz, a Trainee Cardiac Physiologist with an interest in arrhythmias is fundraising for Hearts & Goals. Liz and her partner Dan will compete in the 100km Thames Path Challenge on 14-15 September 2013. Wishing you both the best of luck! You can view Liz's JustGiving page here








Auchmuty High School fundraising

Pupils and teachers at Auchmuty High School in Fife, Scotland are raising funds to place a lifesaving defibrillator at their school site.

To date they have raised £210. Mr Bird, teacher at the school has kindly provided us with a write up of their fundraising to date:

"So far we have raised a total of approx £210, purely from pupils paying to have their message painted on the ceiling of on of our corridors. Staff have also paid to have various murals painted outside their classrooms, the school is a much brighter place as a result. Next week we are having a joint fundraising week for Hearts and Goals and Comic relief, with money collected being split equally between both charities. There will be a house bake sale each day next week as well as an event in the hall on Friday 15th March, where pupils and teachers have been sponsored to have their legs waxed, hair shaved or take part in a sponsored silence. We have had a massive response from pupils, with lots of them volunteering to take part and be sponsored to raise money."

Thank you for the photos!




Tottington defibrillator launch, Wednesday 20 February 2013

Walsall FC pulse check event, Thursday 14 February 2013

Kidderminster defibrillator launch, Thursday 7 February 2013

Hearts & Goals in France! January/Febraury 2013

First Hearts & Goals defibrillators placed in Bolton, Thursday 6 December 2012

Bolton Community Trust pulse awareness day, Saturday 1 December 2012

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