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First European Symposium on Cardiac Pacing

Friday 26th June

Wolfson Theatre - Royal College of Physicians 11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4LE


£50 to attend for all Healthcare Professionals 

The first 50 to register will be given a full refund of their registration fee following the event

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0800 – 0810


Dr Francesco Zanon,

Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia,

Rovigo, IT


Dr Zachary Whinnett,

Imperial College,

London, UK



The Conduction System


0810 – 0820


 Anatomy of the Conduction System

 Considerations for conduction system pacing


Prof Yen Ho,

Royal Brompton Hospital,

London, UK

0820 – 0835



Physiology of ventricular activation



Dr Paul Foley,

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

Swindon, UK



Bradycardia Pacing



0835 – 0850



Right Ventricular Pacing Induced Cardiomyopathy, how common is it?



Professor Francisco Leyva

Aston University and Queen Elizabeth Hospital

0850 – 0905


State of art in His bundle pacing: where are we now?



Dr Francesco Zanon,

Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia,

Rovigo, IT


0905 – 0920


Left Bundle Pacing: safety and implant success rates


Dr Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman

Director of Electrophysiology

Geisinger Heart Institute

Pennsylvania, US

0920 – 0935


Leadless Pacing: overview of current evidence, which patients should be implanted?


Professor Aldo Rinaldi

Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital




Pacing Therapy For Heart Failure


1010 – 1025


Biventricular Pacing: The gold standard for CRT. Optimal patient selection and implant technique



1025 – 1040


His Bundle CRT: Overview of physiology and clinical data.


Dr Gaurav Upadhyay, University of Chicago,

Chicago, UK

1040 – 1055


 Left Conduction system CRT

 Success rates, safety, follow-up data


Dr Xueying Chen MD, Shanghai, CN

1055 – 1110


 LV Endocardial Pacing for CRT

 Success rates, safety, follow-up data


Prof Angelo Auricchio, 

Professor of Cardiology at University Hospital in Magdeburg, DE


Pacing therapy for heart failure for pts without LBBB?

Dr Parikshit Sharma,

Director of Electrophysiology Laboratory

Dept of Internal medicine, Division of Cardiology

Rush University Medical Center

Chicago, US






Practical Conduction System Pacing


1125 – 1200




Live Cases in the Box – His Bundle Pacing 

Case 1: Standard case


Case 2: The very challenging case 


10 min discussion





Case 1

Dr Pablo Morina, 

Huelva, ES


Case 2




1200 – 1215


 Confirming Conduction System Capture 

 Threshold testing, Programmed Electrical Stimulation


Prof Marek Jastrzębski,

Jagiellonian University Hospital

Krakow, PL

1215 – 1245


Live Case in the Box – Left Conduction system pacing

Case 1: The Huang technique

Case 2: The challenging case

10 minute discussion

Case 1

Dr Weijan Huang,

The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, CN

Case 2






Controversies in conduction system pacing



Are improved tools the answer for improving capture thresholds and implant success rate for HBP?

Dr Pugazhendhi Vijayaraman

Director of Electrophysiology

Geisinger Heart Institute

Pennsylvania, US

1400 – 1415


Is non-selective capture as efficient as selective capture?


Dr Karol Čurila

Cardiocenter, Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague, CZ

1415 – 1430

His Vs LBB pacing 

Dr Zachary Whinnett

Imperial College

London, UK

1430 – 1445


How best to select patients for conduction system pacing CRT and what is the best way to assess ventricular resynchronization?


Dr Ahran Arnold

Imperial College

London, UK


1445 – 1500



Is intra-septal pacing good enough for first line treatment?


Dr Kevin Vernooy,

Academical Hospital Maastricht,

Maastricht, NL


Should we target the atrial conduction system





Advances in ICDs


1530 – 1545


 Transvenous ICD – State Of The Art in 2020

 Inappropriate shock rates, complications, ATP


Dr Mauro Biffi,

Bologna, IT

1545 – 1600


 Subcutaneous ICDs

Overview of data,Threshold testing, Programmed Electrical Stimulation


Dr Luis Mont,

Barcelona, ES

1615 – 1630


Selecting patients for ICD implantation in the current era


Dr Sergio Richter,

Leipzig, DE





What is On The Horizon?

1630 – 1650



The clinician View 

Registry, clinical trials?




1650 – 1720


 Industry perspective




Programme Directors:

Dr Zachary Whinnett, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist - Imperial College London, UK

Dr Francesco Zanon, Director of Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Unit at Santa Maria della Misericordia General Hospital, Rovigo, IT


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