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Arrhythmia Alliance - Update email to all Cardiac Arrhythmia teams - CLICK HERE

Arrhythmia Alliance - Write to you MP to Call for Charity Support - A-A / AF-Assoc / STARS

BJC - COVID-19 April 2020 - CLICK HERE

ESC - Update 22 April 2020 - CLICK HERE

ESC - Guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease during COVID-19 - CLICK HERE

ESC - ESC Guidance on Managing CVD during the COVID-19 Pandemic - CLICK HERE

New England Journal of MedicineOOHCA & Covid-19For the PDF, CLICK HERE

NHS Guidance - Clinical guide for the management of cardiology patients during the coronavirus pandemic - CLICK HERE

NHS Support - Text Message Support For Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms - CLICK HERE

NHS Health Check - CVD and Covid-19 info - CLICK HERE

NICE - An update on COVID-19 - CLICK HERE

NICE - COVID-19 rapid guideline: acute myocardial injury - CLICK HERE

HRS - Task Force Update - CLICK HERE


Clinical Resources

Guidance On Safe Switching of Warfarin to DOAC COVID-19

Specialty Guide For the Management of Cardiology Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anticoagulation During COVID-19

COVID-19 Risk for Patients taking ACEi and ARBs UK

COVID-19 Risk for Patients taking ACEi and ARBs US

Letter from Simon Stevens “Second Phase response to COVID 19” Highlights below:

Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attacks and Stroke

• Hospitals to prioritise capacity for acute cardiac surgery, cardiology services for PCI and PPCI and interventional neuroradiology for mechanical thrombectomy.

• Secondary care to prioritise capacity for urgent arrhythmia services plus management of patients with severe heart failure and severe valve disease.

 • Primary care clinicians to continue to identify and refer patients acutely to cardiac and stroke services which continue to operate throughout the Covid19 response.

- The Future of Cardiology


Patient Resources

Atrial Fibrillation and COVID-19

Coronavirus and Arrhythmia FAQ

Recognising Heart Attacks, Strokes and Heart Failure during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Inherited Heart Rhythm Conditions

How to use pharmacies during the coronavirus pandemic

- Discussing coronavirus with your children


- COVID-19 and Fainting





 - Do not delay routine care during COVID-19





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