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About us:

The Surrey ICD Support Group was established in August 2014. Led by Patient Lead, Andrea Lavous and Medical Lead Dr Mark Norman, Consultant Electrophysiologist from Frimley Park Hospital the Surrey ICD Group plans to help and support as many patients and carers as possible.


Our Aims and objectives:

Agreed to meet quarterly
Provide a telephone-based support service for those prior to, or recently discharged from hospital following the implant of an ICD – my business cards were left for patients to take
To provide a forum for all patients living with an ICD and their partners and families an opportunity to exchange information and patient experience via meetings at regular intervals
To help patients living with an ICD regain confidence with day to day activities and to share experiences to help gain emotional support
To provide literature and information on ICDs and related topics – examples of Medtronic ICDs were at the meeting for patients to view before and after meeting and range of information booklets available for people to help themselves to.
Links to other services that are useful for heart patients – Patients thought access to Psychologist and Dietitic would be helpful. Plan to invite hospital Cardiac Psychologist to future meeting


Upcoming Meetings:

Next meeting -February 2022 (exact date & time TBC)



St Francis Church, 121 Chobham Road, Camberley, GU15 1EE

For further information please contact us on / 01789 867 501


Previous Meetings:

Last Meeting - 26/10/21: 

.It was very successful with around 50-60 patients including several new attendees Please see presentations here, 1, 2, 3 

Topics covered:

  • History of ICDs – Andrea Lavous, Lead Arrhythmia Nurse, Frimley Park Hospital.
  • Future of Devices, Harriet Hogg, Technical Consultant, Medtronic.
  • Lifestyle advice – Dr Andrew Cox, Electrophysiology Consultant, Frimley Health.

From this meeting, more ‘buddy’s’ have been created - so that any new ICD patient, if they would like, can speak to another patient who already has a device to understand their journey and experience of living with an ICD.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

It was another excellent turn out of approximately 60-70 people with new members. The attendees listened to talks from Gary Read, Cardiac Disease Risk Management Exercise Professional at Frimley Park Hospital about Exercise and the heart and also from Matt Beadman, Clinical Psychologist about managing stress and anxiety. This was a very interactive session around what stresses are associated with having an ICD.

Click here to view Gary Read's presentation

Click here to view Matt Beardman's presentation

If you would like any more information on specific types of exercise please access the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation where you will find lots of information leaflets that you can readily download free. We ended the session again with a question and answer session.

Thank you to both Rachel Lewis, Lead Pacing Physiologist at Frimley Park and Sandra Robinson for their help in making teas/coffees and tidying afterwards. The support group does not receive any funds from the NHS. Over the years the group has grown in size and so to help cover the cost of refreshments and room hire we will now be asking for a voluntary donation for refreshments.

I will also be asking for any volunteers who would be interested in becoming Chair person and Treasurer. If you are interested please let me know at



18 April 2017 Meeting

Speakers: Dr Joanne Shannon, Cardiology Consultant & Sarah Bond, Senior Dietician.

To view Jo Shannon's presentation on Coronary Artery Disease, please click here.

To view the Healthy Eating presentation, please click here.


12 September 2016 Meeting

To view Ann Parker's presentation on Cardiac Medication, please click here.

To view Dr Mark Norman's presentation on Electrics of the Heart, please click here.


Presentations from previous meetings

To view "Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease", please click here.

To view "Understanding Your Heart", please click here.


Many Support Groups are either on hold or running virtually at present, for further information please contact us on / 01789 867 501

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