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How to position an EMS patient after a fall

Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness resulting from decreased blood flow to the brain. While the idea is simple, the mechanics of syncope can be more complex.

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Parents of fallen athletes push to end sudden cardiac deaths

Melinda Murray's son Dominick, 17, collapsed on a basketball court and never got up. Deb Thibodeau's 12-year-old, Josh, was playing soccer when he keeled over on the field. Karen Acompora's 14-year-old son Louis' heart was stopped by a shot to the chest during a lacrosse game.

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Pulmonary Embolism May Be An Overlooked Cause of Syncope

In our study, patients admitted in a Medical Ward for a first episode of syncope underwent a systematic work-up for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, regardless the presence of other possible explanations for syncope.

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