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Tristan is 8 years old, and despite a struggle to find a reason for his episodes, he does not let RAS stop him from being an active, sporty child.
Evie was six months old and at the end of a tiring day, she had lost her balance sitting on the floor and hit her head.
When Bekah was two, she fell off a concrete step and bumped her head. She then had her first seizure, much to Mum's horror. 
Ben was 4 months old when he accidentally received a bump to his head and experienced his first Reflex Anoxic Seizure.
Freya was only 16 months when she had what we now know to be her first seizure. 
My name is Steve, I'm 29 years old, live in Walsall and I have Reflex Anoxic Seizures.
Since the age of 15 years old I have suffered with chronic health issues (asthma, multiple allergies) but nothing could have prepared me for what happened during December 2013.
When I took Otto for his first inoculations, at the age of two months, I dreaded it like any other mother does. But I wasn't prepared for the reaction that he had. 
Patrick is two- years-old, and like any other cheeky toddler, he runs around having fun before falling or crashing into something and hurting himself - quite often ending in tears! 
Heidi had never shown any signs of the condition until she was 2 years old. One morning, just after her birthday, we were getting ready for work, rushing as usual, when Heidi fell and bumped her head. 

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