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Patients Day

Sunday 7 October 2018 at The ICC, Birmingham UK

Registration (inc. refreshments and lunch) just £35pp

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Patients, carers and their families enjoy coming to Patients Day where they can meet other families in similar situations to themselves, listen to top medical professionals about their conditions and ask any questions they may have in a comfortable environment.   

NEW for 2018! We will be running two STARS sessions, one dedicated to PoTS and the other dedicated to Syncope and Reflex Anoxic Seizures (RAS).  Please note you will be able to move freely between these sessions as well as the Arrhythmia Alliance and AF Association sessions if you wish to.


The 2018 agendas include:

Syncope & RAS

  MORNING: WHAT IS NEW? (15 min talks. 5 min questions)  
10:00 Good morning one and all  
10:05 STARS: let's celebrate its accomplishments during the last 25 years   
10:30 Syncope: what is new and important to you since 2013  
10:55 What are all these new wearable or portable devices, and why does it matter?  
11:20 I have a new ECG recording device: now what?   
11:30 Comfort Break  
11:45 Syncope and heart block: pacemaker or just watch (carefully)?  
12:15 Putting the person first: a patient is not just blood pressure and heart rate  
12:45 Lunch  
13:45 Interactive session: building up a self-help toolkit   
14:15 Syncope and frailty: unhappy bedfellows  
14:35 Interactive session: what is the best way to interact with doctors?  
15:10 Interactive session: plenary summing up  
15:20 The STARS package to prepare you to see your doctor - interactive session  
15:40 Questions   
16:00 Close   


10:00 Current treatment options for PoTS  
10:25 Art and science : a reflection on a life in medicine  
10:50 A realistic approach to exercise rehabilitation  
11:15 Comfort Break  
11:30 What might cause PoTS and what might we learn from research that can benefit patients    
11:45 Nutrition and PoTS  
12:20 STARS and PoTS - our mission on your behalf  
12:45 Lunch  
13:45 Patient experience: finding a way forward  
14:15 Interactive session: building up a self-help toolkit    
14:45 My PoTS wish lists  
15:15 Sleep disturbances in PoTS and what might help  
15:45 Q & A   
16:15 Close   


Did you miss Patients Day 2017?

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