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STARS produces a range of booklets and information sheets for patients. All materials published have been approved by the STARS Medical Advisory Committee (STARS MAC) and are endorsed by the Department of Health.

Individual booklets, checklists and information sheets are available free of charge, to order a paper copy please call: 01789 867 503 or email: info@stars.org.uk.


  Quick read - RAS factsheet Quick read - reflex syncope factsheet

Other Conditions

Long QT

Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST)


  Quick read - PoTS factsheet  

Quick reads

diagnostic tests factsheet

tilt table test factsheet

ICM factsheet

ILR factsheet

Quick read - CBT factsheet

Syncope Quick Reads

Other Quick Reads

Syncope & diet

Syncope & diet for teens

Syncope during pregnancy 

Quick reads - SaFE

Syncope and falls in care homes

Syncope in care home residents

Syncope causes falls in older people

Syncope in older people: common causes and advice



Information for anaesthetists, dentists etc


Policy article

Department of Health White Paper


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