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Fundraising Champions

Thank you to everyone who supports STARS by fundraising. Whether you have organised or participated in a fundraising event, we would not be here without you. Take a look at what our fundraisers have been up to:

Alloa Half Marathon 

A huge well done to Andy who completed the Alloa half marathon on Sunday 20 March. He raised over £700 for STARS!

His daughter Bekah is wearing the medal at the front, she has experienced RAS since birth   and is also a keen runner like her dad!

Thank you for raising so much for STARS! 


Coffee Morning





Jane Bateson held a Coffee Morning on Saturday 12 March. 

With lots of cakes to be eaten and raffled off she raised an amazing £250 for STARS, with some more donations waiting to come in,

Well done Jane and thank you to all your friends and family for buying the cakes.


Surrey Half Marathon

Sharon Harrison took part in the Surrey Half marathon on Sunday 13 March 2016 for STARS. She has managed to raise £755.

Well done and thank you for raising so much for STARS!


Cake Sale

Molly Turney, who has been diagnosed with RAS, held a cake sale at her school and raised an amazing total of over £80.

A huge thank you to Molly and to everybody at the school for buying the cakes.


Well done Bradley Oliver!

Bradley has been the STAR of the show at Chudfest Christmas Festival! 

He put his baking hat back on for STARS and made 200 cookies which ended up selling out. He raised a grand total of £91.24 for STARS!

Bradley has also won two more pride awards recently for all he does locally.

A massive well done and thank you goes out to Bradley and his super mum.


Charity Night

On Friday 27th November Daniella Hemmings organised a charity night which included a raffle, singer and buffet. Daniella successfully raised an amazing £871 for STARS!

Thank you so much for nominating STARS to benefit from the event.


Thank you Biker Bob!

Bob Woodcock with ‘mascot Boris’ riding pillion arrived at STARS office a few weeks ago to say hello. Bob was motorcycling over 2000 miles to raise money for STARS. 

Leaving Barnsley, he stopped for a cup of tea with Team STARS then headed towards Land’s End and back up to John O’Groats and home.

Bob raised nearly £400 for STARS during his trip, for which we say a huge thank you and also acknowledge the generous support of his Triumph Motorcycle Club who donated £100 in support of this venture.

A huge well done and thank you from STARS !


"Loose Threads" quilting group in Aylesbury

Maureen Perkins and her friends who comprise the “Loose Threads” quilting group in Aylesbury have designed and made this exquisite quilt for STARS. It is stunning and the attention to detail from the STARS ‘blue’ to using ‘friendship’ stars for the design has to be seen to be appreciated! Maureen, who is a Friend of STARS, asked her fellow quilters if they would help her to do something to raise money for STARS. This is the result and Maureen visited our office and presented it to Jenni in Trudie’s absence.

It is likely to be on display at Patients Day on Sunday 4 October so everyone can appreciate the work of this every talented group.

Thank you Maureen and everyone in the group for your dedication and hard work. We are thrilled with it.


Bradley Oliver meets the Queen

Our STARS baker from 2014, Bradley Oliver, has gone on to bake a cake for the Queen and to deliver it in person.

We have received a lovely letter from Bradley detailing his amazing trip visiting and delivering his cake to the Queen. If you would like to read all about Bradley's visit please click here.

STARS wanted to do a mention for Bradley as he has raised so much for the charity and continues to be strong every day.

Thank you Bradley, we can not wait to hear about your next baking adventure.




Harworth Vintage & Classic Car, Bike & family fun day 2015

Saturday 20th June, 10:30am - 4pm at Church of England Academy, DN11 8JT

All saints Church presents a fun filled day for all ages showcasing a variety of vintage and classic cards and bikes, many craft stalls, children's activities and refreshments.

If you would like to exhibit vehivles of a stall please contact: Mark or Carolyn Stewart on 01302 759663 or markno1@btinternet.com.

50% of all funds raised will support STARS. Click here to view the flyer.

Thank you. 

Claire Derring

STARS supporter Claire Derring raised £200 for STARS by dressing up as a clown for the day. We would like to say a huge thank you for Claire's efforts and support to STARS.

Thank you Claire!

Bradley Oliver's Christmas Cookie Appeal

A massive congratulations and thank you to 11 year old Bradley Oliver from Devon who has raised an amazing £1,302.38 for STARS through his Christmas Cookie Appeal. Bradley decided to raise money for STARS to say thank you for the support both himself and his Mum Katrina have received.

Bradley spent over a month baking his delicious cookies and selling them to people in his local area.

We cannot thank Bradley enough here at STARS, his hard work, dedication and fantastic support really is an inspirations to others.

Thank you Bradley, you are a STAR!


Ginz & Tonic Poetry Challenge

A huge congratulations to Gini Dellow who has completed her poem challenge in support of STARS. Gini was diagnosed in 2009 with autonomic dysfunction and PoTS, and in June 2013 decided to take on a challenge and collect sponsorship for writing a poem every day for a whole year. Click here to read her story.


Evening of clairvoyance

On Friday 14th March 2014, long-standing STARS supporter Cherish Ayres and her sister Sammy organised an evening of clairvoyance with Peter Langhorn to raise funds. Cherish successfully raised over £400 through the raffle for STARS. 

Thank you so much for nominating STARS to benefit from the event.


Megan’s 25-hour swim relay

From 21-22 March 2014, Megan Summers and four of her swimming friends completed 4418 lenghths in 25 hours. The girls did an amzing job and showed what courage and determination they must have to complete this.

A huge thank you goes out to the girls as they raised over £2,800 for STARS.

Thank you so much for choosing STARS.


Liz’s Leeds RAG Jailbreak

Liz set of for the jailbreak challenge at 9am on Monday 31st March from Leeds. Liz said that it was very tough but she had a great time and made it all the way to Brussels with out spending a penny.

Liz had set a target to raise £175, although she definitely exceeded that by raising £240 for STARS. We would like to thank Liz for choosing to raise funds for STARS and thank all the people that donated and supported Liz.

Thank you Liz for supporting STARS and well done!


Craig's Marathon for STARS

Craig took part in the Greater Manchester Run on Sunday the 6th April. Craig raised over £1000 for STARS. As his work also said they would match any funds raised up to £1000 Craig did a fantastic job!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Craig for his hard work and effort for STARS. Well done!

Thank you Craig!


1932 Austin 7 takes to the roads for STARS

STARS fundraiser Carolyn and Mark who took to the road in their 1932 Austin 7 did a fantastic job and raised over £200 for STARS.

The Austin went for 217 miles and 11 hours! We would like to thank Carolyn and Mark for their support and of course everyone that supported them.

Well done to the three of you!



Your Miss England Event

Sophie Hewkin is modeling to become Miss England. Sophie began this by entering the Miss Every Model Magazine heat for Miss England, to which she made it through to the semi-finals taking place on the 11th April 2014. The winner will go straight to the finals of Miss England in June.

Sophie decided to raise money for STARS following her recent diagnosis of PoTS and EDS (elhers-danlos syndrome).

Please help her raise funds for STARS and support her by following this link http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SophieHewkin.


Tough Mudder for STARS

Long-term STARS supporter Chris Tennison is taking on the West Midlands Tough Mudder on 13th July 2014 to raise funds for STARS. The Tough Mudder will take place at Boughton House, Kettering in Northamptonshire. Home to thousands of acres of the UK’s thickest woodlands, Boughton House’s log obstacles are some of the world’s most brutal. This Tough Mudder features tons of natural water obstacles and elevation changes are sure to leave you in pain.

Chris said: “I chose STARS because they've done a lot for my family. Both my girls (Isla six & Sophia-May ten-years-old) have RAS & syncope and the organisation has been of great support to my wife as she's been the one dealing with it as I've been away with work.”

Support Chris’s challenge


Open Day Success

Avid STARS supporter Sally Hamilton-French organised an open day on 6 October 2013 at Freshfields Equine Retirement Home and raised over £300!  Sally is hoping to run the event again in 2014. 

Thank you Sally! 


Big Fun Run

Louisa Browning and her son Callum, aged seven participated in the Lee Valley Fun Run on the 14th September 2013 to raise monies for STARS following the support their friends have received.

Louisa continued with her fundraising by participating in the Major's Challenge on the 19th October. 

Thank you Louisa and Callum!

If you would like to support Louisa and Callum visit their Just Giving page.  Alternatively if you would like to participate in the Majors challenge on behalf of STARS click here for further details.


Rebecca's Charity Bike Ride

Rebecca cycled from Gosport to Brighton Pier on Sunday 25th August 2013, with a friend who supported her along the way.

Following episodes of fainting dating back to 2007, Rebecca and her family seeked medical attention.  After numerous tests and three years later Rebecca finally received a diagnosis, she was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS).

Rebecca commented " Both of these conditions mixed together causes all sorts to happen in my body and most of the time I end up on the floor! But thanks to my doctor I am now on medication which controls my blood pressure and keeps me upright 97% of the time.  My tachycardia has gotten a lot better, but I still feel it from time to time!"

 "So, all in all with help from my doctors and STARS I'm where I am today and I'm so thankful!"

To sponsor Rebecca and to read more about her diagnosis, visit her Just Giving page.


Saskia's London 10km Run

Saskia Haining participated in the London 10km run on the 14th July 2013.  Saskia was diagnosed with RAS and PoTS four years ago following nine months of misdiagnosis.

Saskia commented "For my family and myself this was a very difficult time and had a huge impact on my school life, when we came across STARS they were incredibly helpful in answering many of the questions I had."

Saskia continues " I was relatively lucky in being diagnosed after 9 months as many go years being treated for the wrong condition. This is why I want to raise awareness of the help that STARS can give to families and patients in similar situations."

Saskia has so far raised £1,500 for STARS.  Thank you to Saskia and everyone who has supported her.


UrbanEdge's Rat Race

Five employees from UrbanEdge architecture firm, Chris Robertson, Darren Hodgson, Jez Power, Anthony Mackin, and Joshua Rowley got filthly in the Rat Race Dirty Weekend completing 13 miles and 150 obstacles across land and water! They raised £2,500 through their fundraising challenge which was matched by UrbanEdge, raising the total to £5,000. An amazing achievement.


Glamorgon University

Demi Niblett nominated STARS as a beneficiary from her second year project at Glamorgan University. The challenge involved a one week plan to set up and run a business in an attempt to make as much profit as possible. STARS received £700 following Demi's fancy footwork.

Demi comments:  "We each had to choose a charity that we would like some of the proceeds from all of the contestants to go to.  I chose STARS due to how much help and guidance was offered to my mother during my diagnosis at a very young age.  We are both very grateful and it has allowed both of us to understand what RAS means and how it will affect me/my family in the future."
Thank you Demi and Glamorgan University!


The Warren

The Waren is an amateur theatre group based in London.  During 2012/13 STARS was chosen as one of the four beneficiares from their stage productions, Puss in Boots and Musicality.  A fantasic £1,500 was raised for STARS.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in making the shows a great success.


Sam's London to Brighton Challenge

On the 25th - 26th May 2013 Sam and her husband participated in the London to Brighton Challenge, a total of 100km.  Unfortunately Sam felt unwell at the 57km mark and was advised by doctors not to continue.  This had made Sam determined to complete the 100km in 2014.

To join Sam in the challenge next year go to London to Brighton Challenge.

To support Sam visit her Just Giving page.


John O'Groats to Land's End

In 2012 Chris Manders ran the Edinburgh marathon, but this year he thought he would do something a little more challenging, cycle from John O'Groats to Land's End, a total of 950 miles.

Chris set out to raise £1 for every mile cycled, but before he even departed on his eight day endurance event, Chris had already smashed his fundraising target. 

During the challenge sponsorship money continued to pour in, which resulted in Chris raising a fantastic £2,814.19 plus gift aid.

Thank you Chris! 


Birthday cycle for Seema

Seema decided for her 22nd Birthday on the 15th March, she would cycle 25km.

Seema commented "Whilst 25km may be a relatively manageable feat, for me it will definitely be a huge challenge. Especially given that I cannot ride a bike in a straight line, and have the balance and co-ordination skills of a small animal on ice." 

Seema suffers from a condition called PoTS.  To find out about PoTS and how it impacts on Seema's day to day activities click here.

Seema smashed her £250 fundraising target and raised an amazing £624.50.

Well done Seema, a fantastic achievement.


Half marathon for Spiderman

On the 24th March Wayne Judge participated in the Yeovil half marathon to raise money for STARS.  Wayne's daughter Amelia who is now seven years old, after several misdiagnoses was diagnosed with reflex anoxic seizures.

Wayne raised over £400 for STARS!


Painting from the heart

Sophie Ploeg, 38, suffers from Postural Tachycardia Syndrome or PoTS, an abnormality of the nervous system which causes her heart rate to race when she stands up and makes performing the simplest task a constant struggle.

Her condition, characterised by nausea, dizziness, palpitations and muscle pain, went undiagnosed for 16 years, depriving her of a normal active life and often making her feel inadequate.

Sophie said: "Regularly I would have an episode where I felt as if I was about to pass out. I had so many symptoms – impaired vision, severe shaking and sweating. I could not move and struggled to talk, but was still conscious. It was very frightening. I had seen every consultant, but no doctor could help; I was exhausted and felt terrible." Finally in 2011, Sophie whose work has been exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, was diagnosed with PoTS by a Bristol specialist.

Having a better understanding of her illness, Sophie decided to help others plagued with the strange and debilitating symptoms, by donating the proceeds of the sale of her latest work, The Blue Dress, to the Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures (STARS), the charity that helped her find a doctor who could diagnose her illness. The painting was inspired by the dizzy spells she experienced for years and the feeling of being trapped in her own skin.

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