One of the primary objectives of STARS is supporting, building and leading projects and campaigns as we have done in the past and continue to do now.

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Happitech, Arrhythmia Alliance and Bug Labs launch Heart for Heart e-health initiative

Happitech, Arrhythmia Alliance and Bug Labs will announce the launch of the Heart for Heart e-health initiative. This initiative invites people to participate in the world’s largest crowdsourced heart health initiative by inviting them to contribute their heart rhythm data using the free Heart for Heart iPhone App.

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Why Do Some Lifters Pass Out from Heavy Deadlifts?

When you’re pushing your body to new limits, such as hitting maximal deadlifts, there’s always a chance (often small) of injury. We’ve seen a few viral videos of lifters passing out from lifts lately on Instagram, and of course the comments section is war zone.

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