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STARS Patients Day 2019

Sunday 6 October | The ICC, Birmingham, UK


Do you have syncope, RAS or PoTS or know someone who does? Is it affecting your life? Would you like to learn more about your condition and how to live with it?

If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions, then join us and hundreds of other patients at STARS Patients Day 2019.

World renowned medical experts will be sharing their knowledge and talking about up to date research. Learn more about your condition, how you can better manage it and what treatment options are available to you. Patients Day gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns with doctors and to meet other patients in a similar situation to you in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

This year, we have added new topics and invited new speakers, so even if you have attended Patients Day in the past, you will still learn something new. 

If you or someone close to you experiences one or more of these conditions, we are confident you will experience a profound sense of relief when you attend this year's STARS Patients Day. 

Registration is £35 per person. Based on your feedback and to hold last year's price, tea and coffee will be available throughout the day for you to purchase. Complimentary lunch which will include water will be provided. Water will also be provided in all meeting rooms.

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What past attendees have found useful about attending STARS Patients Day:

Seeing and hearing from others who suffer with POTS.  Listening to knowledgeable doctors about PoTS.”

“Speaking to experts over lunch.”

“Speaking to others at the conference who had similar issues and also a nurse who ran the syncope clinic who shared some ideas with me.”

STARS PoTS Patients Day

11.00 Welcome
11.05 Are these palpitations concerning and what shall we do?
11.30 Sleep
12.00 Nutrition
12.30 Patient Story
12.45 LUNCH
13.30 Exercise
14.00 PoTS and association conditions
14.30 Debate: Tilt Table Testing - is this the definitive test for PoTS?
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Does medication really help?
15.45 Update on the year - are GP's now more knowledgable about PoTS?
16.15 Dysautonomia - how does this differ from PoTS
16.30 Questions
17.00 CLOSE

STARS Syncope & RAS Patients Day

11.00 The fainting teenager
11.30 Update
11.45 Managing your symptoms
12.15 Patient Story
12.45 LUNCH
13.30 RAS, epilepsy or breath holding - Yes there is a difference. Anoxic epileptic seizures (AES)
14.30 Surprising things that make you faint
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Debate: Young syncope patients should be fitted with a pacemaker if experiencing frequent episodes.
15.45 The role of the pacemaker in syncope patients
16.15 Why fainting should never be dismissed
16.45 Questions
17.00 CLOSE









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