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AF Association Global AF Aware Week

November 20-26, 2017

Did you know...?

  • One in four people will develop AF; there are over 200,000 new cases in the US each year and an estimated 16 million people are affected worldwide.
  • AF can be detected cheaply and easily with a simple manual pulse check.
  • Every 15 seconds, someone suffers an AF-related stroke, yet most can be prevented using appropriate anticoagulation therapy.
  • AF and AF related illness costs the US approximately $6 billion each year


About AF Aware Week

Atrial Fibrillation, or AF, is the most common arrhythmia (heart rhythm disorder).  Over one million people have been diagnosed with AF in the US alone, although experts estimate that at least a third more remain undiagnosed.  With an aging population, this number is expected to double by 2050. 

For this reason, this year we are focusing on ‘Identifying the Undiagnosed Person with AF’ with our Detect, Protect, Correct & Perfect campaign. Therefore, we are asking all of our supporters to spread the word, whether this is by simply sharing and displaying information, holding an AF awareness activity, or fundraising and donating to the AF Association.


What can I do during Global AF Aware Week?

There are many ways to get involved:

1. Share & Display information about AF and the importance of Detect, Protect, Correct & Perfect at your health center, workplace, or community group.








AF Aware Week patient friendly resources are available for download here.
Resources for Healthcare Professionals can be downloaded here.
International resources in other languages can be downloaded here.

2. Hold an AF Awareness activity to seek out and 'Identify the Undiagnosed Person with AF'. You can do this in collaboration with your health care center, workplace, or community group.  We have a large number of resources which can either be downloaded from our website, or you can order your Global AF Aware week activity pack today.

 ➚ Click here to order your Global AF Aware Week activity pack 


3. Fundraise & donate for example by baking some goodies to sell, holding a coffee morning, quiz night, or create your own event.  Or simply make a donation to enable us to continue to raise awareness and offer support:

  Description: http://www.atrialfibrillation.org.uk/files/image/Fundraising%20&%20Donations/Click%20icon.JPG Online   Description: http://www.atrialfibrillation.org.uk/files/image/Phone%20icon.JPG By Phone, please call us at 843-415-1886. Description: http://www.atrialfibrillation.org.uk/files/image/Fundraising%20&%20Donations/Mail%20icon.JPG By mail, send a check to: Arrhythmia Alliance, PO Box 5507, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938


What can I do right now?

Watch this video of AF Association Founder & CEO Trudie Lobban MBE as she discusses the importance of 'Detect, Protect and Correct' 


For further information on AF Aware Week, contact info@afa-us.org / +1 843-415-1886.

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