AF Diaries

Too often AF can result in a person feeling ‘alone’ and ‘frightened’. The ‘AF diaries’ offer a detailed insight into a individual experiences of life with symptomatic AF.

The sharing of experiences through case stories and diary accounts not only reduces the loneliness and fear that this condition can cause, but can also help others in becoming more AF aware. From ‘knowing your pulse’ and detecting AF through to seeking diagnosis, support, information and access to appropriate treatments; valuable and essential information in the journey to managing AF.

Can you help? Please consider sharing your experiences of AF with others. Contact info@afa.org.uk for further information.

Click a link below to read someones thoughts, anxieties and hopes.

1) Maureen - AF and pacemaker to restore quality of life.

2) Kirsten – Managing a young family and paroxysmal AF. 

Kirsten - Several years after Kirsten's pulmonary vein isolation she is now more balanced in both mind and body.

3) Nelson – Fit and active but slow to investigate symptoms; why it does matter to seek advice.

4) Andy – AF and an ICD; a life changing experience.

5) John L - How AF gatecrashed my life!

6) Maggie - recalls the years of living with AF and the impact this has had on her life and health.

7) Duncan - Undiagnosed AF, a TIA and a long journey to regaining my health. Duncan recalls his experiences.

8) Ian - Diagnosed at 70 and twelve years on, I'm living a very active life!

9) Mary - Retired and living an active life, Mary doesn't let AF get in the way of living a fulfilling and rewarding life.

10) Elizabeth - A trained nurse who was diagnosed with AF aged 74 years. She turned to homeopathy. Please note - currently there is little clinical research regarding AF and homeopathy.

11) Alan has put together a guide for people affected by AF based on his personal experiences.

12) Margaret had all the signs of a mini stroke but didn't realise it. She recalls the experience in this diary.

13) Barry's frank explanation of how AF impacted his life


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