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Virgin Money London Marathon

At the heart of the UK’s biggest running event

Arrhythmia Alliance has one guaranteed place on the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019! If you would like to run 26.2 miles through the streets of London raising money for us, please click here to download the form and return it to us before 31st October 2018


2018's marathon saw Simon Thomas from London running for Arrhythmia Alliance, Simon suffers from atrial fibrillation, but he doesn’t let that stop him! Simon says “I am very motivated and committed to demonstrating that with appropriate treatment and a positive frame of mind, AF is no impediment to a healthy active lifestyle."


Simon completed the marathon in 4 hours and 56 minutes raising £5363!! Thank you so much Simon!

To read Simon's post race report, please click here.


We would like to wish Simon lots of luck, if you would like to support Simon, you can do so by clicking here.

If you were lucky enough to win a place in the runners ballot, and would like to raise money for Arrhythmia Alliance, please get in touch! fundraising@heartrhythmcharity.org.uk

***05 April 2018 UPDATE FROM SIMON***

Less than 3 weeks to go. Getting a bit nervous…
I shouldn’t be. My GPS watch tells me I’ve run 671 kms since Jan 1st this year, so, in theory, I’m in good shape. It’s been a cold, wet (and even snowy) winter to run - but I got through it. I think it’s more the fear of the unknown that’s needling me now.
I’ve stuck pretty much to my training plan, with the prescribed weekly distances. I found the plan was a good discipline, and a motivation in itself to get out there. After all, while my primary reason to run is to prove it’s ok with AF, I also want to do the marathon justice. That means respecting the distance and giving it my best shot.
The AF’s under control. Inevitably, there have been some episodes - usually in the middle of the night, heart pumping hard, or the flutters and feeling short of breath. But significantly, none during a run. I can (and do) live with that. Flecainide helps. More of an issue has been the various aches and pains 


that come with being an old bloke training at this volume! The body is certainly good at reminding you that, hey, you’re not exactly a spring chicken. At various times, I’ve had problems with my achilles tendons; lower back; right ankle; left knee; and something called the “tibialis posterior muscle”. Mostly they’ve gone away. Niggles rather than injuries. Phew. 
And right now I’m battling some bad blisters. Frustrating. All those miles under my belt and I blow it by getting excited about a new pair of running shoes with a month to the race. They were fine on the shorter runs, but a couple of 18-20 milers and I’m hobbling around feeling very silly. 
Conventional advice says rest, let them heal. Don’t pop.
But I need to run! I will pop.
Not to worry – this was never going to be a casual stroll. Luckily, the plan tells me to reduce the training volume from here on in, so I’ll have a bit more downtime to mend. The idea of tapering into the race is to allow the body to rest up - and consolidate the gains made over the last weeks, come back strong by race day. We’ll see.

Thanks again to Arrhythmia Alliance and all of you for your support. If you have donated or can donate, to me or to any of the other runners, much appreciated. It’s going towards a very good cause - the Alliance provides a great service, it’s inspiring to think of the work they do for people like me and those less fortunate, and I’m determined to do my best in the marathon and to play my own small part in helping that cause.

16 April 2018 -  Click here to read Simon's 1 Week to go UPDATE!




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