Information & Advice For Arrhythmia Patients

Do you have an arrhythmia? Do you have SVT / PSVT? Do you have an ICD/S-ICD? Would you like to learn more about your condition?

If you have answered YES to any or all of these questions, then join us and hundreds of other patients at Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day 2019.

World renowned medical experts will be sharing their knowledge and talking about up to date research. Learn more about your condition, how you can better manage it and what treatment options are available to you. Patients Day gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns with doctors and to meet other patients in a similar situation to you in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

This year, we have added new topics and invited new speakers, so even if you have attended Patients Day in the past, you will still learn something new.

If you or someone close to you lives with an arrhythmia, we are confident you will experience a profound sense of relief when you attend this year's Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day.

Registration is £35 per person. Based on your feedback and to hold last year's price, tea and coffee will be available throughout the day for you to purchase. Complimentary lunch which will include water will be provided. Water will also be provided in all meeting rooms.

Register for Patients Day 2019 

What past attendees have found useful about attending Arrhythmia Alliance Patients Day:

“Hearing the latest research and to be informed about the range of treatments used.  It was helpful to meet other patients to be able to gauge and be assured regarding the severity and suitability of treatment our daughter is receiving.”

“Meeting other parents with children with CPVT. Finding out more about the Arrhythmia Alliance. Seeing our daughter’s consultant explaining CPVT in more detail, feeling reassured by the treatment our daughter has received so far.”

“Have attended for many years and always very satisfied when day finished.”

“Thank you for holding this. I don’t feel so alone”

Chair Dr Kim Rajappan, Consultant Cardiologist - Oxford UK


Welcome - Dr Kim Rajappan, Consultant Cardiologist - Oxford UK

11.05 The importance of Knowing Your Pulse to Know Your Heart Rhythm


Am I at risk of heart failure and what are my options? - Dr Vishal Luther, Cardiology SpR/Research Fellow - London UK


Relationships and my arrhythmia - Jean Maloney, Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist - Sheffield UK


Debate: Treatment options for my arrhythmia: Drugs or devices? - Helen Eftekhari, Arrhythmia Nurse - Coventry UK & Prof Faizel Osman, Consultant Cardiologist - Coventry UK

12.15 Patient experience - Mr Joe Sievier, Patient - Stratford Upon Avon UK


Update - Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder & CEO - Chipping Norton UK



 The morning session will be followed by four separate break out sessions.

  ICD Session
13.30 Patient Speakers - Mr Mike Morgan, Mr Jeff Davies & Ms Sandra Davies - Tredegar UK
14.00 Cardiomyopathy what does it mean and what options are available - Stephanie Cruickshank, Arrhythmia Nurse Practitioner - Surrey UK
14.30 Anxiety management for patient and carers with and ICD - Dr Stuart Harris, Consultant Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist - Basildon UK
15.00 BREAK
15.15 S-ICD versus ICD why does it matter - Mr James Fouhy, Product Performance Engineer - Clonmel IR
15.45 The role of the ICD in heart failure patients - Jean Maloney, Arrhythmia Nurse Specialist - Sheffield UK
16.15 Lifestyle advice for people with an ICD. Do's and don’ts, cans and can'ts - Helen Eftekhari, Arrhythmia Nurse - Coventry UK
16.45 Round up/ Conclusion
17.00 CLOSE
  CPVT Session                                                                
13.30 Patient Speaker
14.00 CPVT Genetics - Dr Leonie Wong, Consultant Cardiologist - London UK
14.30 Living with CPVT - How can I monitor my heart rate looking at technology that might help - Dr Jan Till, Consultant Paediatric Electrophysiologist - London UK
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Living with CPVT - what should I say to school / nursery / other carers?
15.45 Living with CPVT - Can I take part in sports?
16.15 Living with CPVT - Living with an ICD
16.45 Round up / conclusion
17.00 CLOSE
  SVT Session               
13.30 Patient Speaker - Ms Helen Bradley, Patient - Bewdley UK
14.00 What is SVT and how do I live with it? - Dr Boon Lim, Consultant Cardiologist - London UK
14.30 What treatment options are available? - Dr Faizel Osman, Consultant Cardiologist - Coventry UK
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Ablation for SVT - Dr Francis Murgatroyd, Consultant Cardiologist - London, UK
15.45 SVT - do not let your GP dismiss it - Dr Matt Fay, GP - Bradford UK
16.15 Anxiety feeding SVT feeding anxiety and how to cope
16.45 Round up / Conclusion
17.00 CLOSE
  General Arrhythmia Alliance Session

Patient Speaker - Lucy Marriott 

14.00 Left Bundle Branch Block - Dr Mark Tanner, Consultant Cardiologist - Chichester UK
14.30 Heart block - what does it mean and what are my options? - Dr Vishal Luther, Cardiology SpR/Research Fellow - London UK
15.00 BREAK
15.15 Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia - what is it and what can be done? - Prof Faizel Osman, Consultant Cardiologist - Coventry UK
15.45 Venricular Tachycardia vs Ventricular Fibrillation. What are they and how to treat them
16.15 Long QT - What are my options? - Prof Elijah Behr, Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant Cardiologist - London UK
16.45 Round up / Conclusion
17.00 CLOSE

Thank you to Total Merchandise for kindly providing the pens and notepads for Patients Day.

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