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AED, fast-acting coworkers save Waterloo man's life

Right away, two of his coworkers, Lance Votroubek and Glynna Borwig, jumped into action and started CPR. Meanwhile, employee Jeff Wilson went a grabbed an AED, or an Automated External Defibrillator. The coworkers then used the device to shock Donaldson's heart. Those quick actions all ...

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NHS Sustainable Improvement Team statement on the GRASP suite

Further to our own statement on the future of the GRASP suite of tools, the following is the official statement from NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team.

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Two trials find Medtronic’s algorithm reduces atrial fibrillation

Medtronic has reported successful findings from two real-world analyses conducted to assess its AdaptivCRT algorithm in a total of 408 patients suffering from heart failure.

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Why Your Risk of Falls Increases as You Age

For example, some conditions may cause dizziness, fainting, or impair mobility. In order to reduce falls, you may consider using a cane or walker to improve stability, avoiding being alone so that someone can help support you, or using other types of technologies to alert emergency persons when you ...

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Stay away from that non-steroidal painkiller. It is bad for your heart

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and often rapid heart rate that can increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. It affects approximately 0.5% of the general population, but more than 6% of the elderly population. The new findings point to the importance of closely ...

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Cardiologists successfully using new device to treat atrial fibrillation

A new device is reinventing the way cardiologists mitigate the dangers associated with a heart rhythm disturbance called atrial fibrillation. The Watchman, a device introduced by Boston Scientific that prevents blood clots from forming in the heart, is at the forefront of atrial fibrillation treatments.

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A huge thank you to Francis White

Thank you to Francis White, Arrhythmia Alliance Executive Committee Member for representing Arrhythmia Alliance.

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Wife says tearful thanks to lifesavers

They placed pads from an automated external defibrillator onto Suelter's chest and received an instruction from the machine to shock Suelter. After one shock and additional CPR, Suelter still wasn't breathing and no pulse was detected. The AED instructed them to shock him again. Again, they felt no ...

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Screening for Atrial Fibrillation Using Smartphones and Smartwatches

Smartphones and smartwatches are used for a multitude of purposes in our daily lives. They are equipped with sensors that may monitor our patients’ health. This article provides an overview on how they may be used to screen for atrial fibrillation, and discusses the current status of this technology.

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The GRASP suite of tools and future continuity

PRIMIS CHART users may already be aware that the current sponsors of the GRASP suite, NHS England Sustainable Improvement Team, will cease their funding and support for the four tools from 1st April 2018. We thank the team for their support over the years and wish them every success in the future.

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