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Heart Rhythm Congress 2017

Heart Rhythm Congress 2017

The largest heart rhythm event in the UK, Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) provides unrivalled opportunity for health care professionals interested in the management of arrhythmias to share effective practice, show case innovation, learn about latest developments and network with UK & international delegates.

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Local health authorities do not mandate or commission manual pulse rhythm checks recommended as part of NHS health check service

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Check Your Health: Reducing risk of dementia in A-Fib patients

Atrial fibrillation is the most common abnormal heart rhythm. ... they fibrillate,” says Dr. Jared Bunch with Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute.

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Arrhythmia Alliance - Defibs at Polling Stations Competition Winners!

During the General Election on 8 June 2017, we asked you to help us make people more 'defib aware’ by finding out if your local polling station had an AED! Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures and comments with us.

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Health MOT bid to root out 'silent killer' conditions

People could be given a health MOT in plans to cut early deaths and prevent heart disease, it is reported. Seven million people are said to be unaware they suffer from conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol or irregular heartbeat - with the NHS looking to increase early detection of these so-called "silent killers".

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War on heart deaths: Millions to be offered tests for 'silent killer' trio of high blood pressure, cholesterol and irregular heartbeats after one in nine Britons go undiagnosed

Millions are to be offered checks at GP surgeries and pharmacies in an NHS drive to prevent heart disease and early deaths.

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Cardiac Rhythm News - 11 August 2017

Read this months Cardiac Rhythm News Update

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Pride of Reading: Lilly-May Page's mum reveals her death has not been in vain as she has helped to save lives

Claire Page has been nominated as Local Hero in the Pride of Reading Awards for her working getting defibrillators into schools

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Here's why your GP could soon be urging you to get your heart checked even if you seem totally fit

... there's also an emphasis on detecting irregular heartbeats which could indicate a condition called atrial fibrillation, a form of arrhythmia linked with ...

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When and how did Elvis Presley die?

... the mighty music legend, it emerged from a DNA test on Elvis' hair that he suffered from a genetic heart disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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