AED Placements

To date, more than twenty schools have received HeartSine Samaritan 500PAD automated external defibrillators (AEDs), supplied with both an Adult and Paediatric Pad Pak, through Arrhythmia Alliance - Lilly-May Page. These schools include:

  • St James Church - Kingfisher Drive, Woodley, Reading, RG5 3LH.
  • Wescott School - Goodchild Road, Wokingham, RG40 2EN.
  • Christ The King Catholic Primary School - Lulworth Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 8LX.
  • Charvil Piggott Primary School - Park Lane, Charvil, Berkshire, RG10 9TR - Situated inside the school in the medical area.
  • Southlake Primary School - Campbell Rd, Woodley, RG5 3NA - Situated inside at reception.
  • St Dominic Savio - Catholic Primary School Western Avenue, Woodley, Berkshire RG5 3BH - Situated inside at reception - Arrhythmia Alliance - Lilly-May Page is currently hopes to make this defibrillator public-access and available to all in the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Highwood Primary School - Fairwater Drive, Reading RG5 3JE - Situated inside at reception.
  • Rivermead Primary School - Loddon Bridge Road, Reading RG5 4BS - Situated inside at reception, with the first aid kit.
  • Bulmershe Secondary School - Chequers Way, Reading RG5 3EL  - Situated inside at reception.
  • Waingels College - Waingels Rd., Woodley, Reading RG4 6GH - Situated inside at reception.
  • Woodley Baptist Church - Hurricane Way, Woodley, Reading RG5 4UX - Situated inside at reception.
  • Emmanuel Church - South Lake Cres, Reading RG5 3QW - Outside in a HeartSafe cabinet.
  • Polehampton Infant School - Hermitage Drive, Twyford RG10 9HS - Situated inside at reception.
  • Polehampton Junior School - Hermitage Drive, Twyford RG10 9HS  - Situated inside at reception.
  • Radstock Primary School - Radstock Lane, Earley, Reading RG6 5UZ - Situated inside at reception area. Possibility of a cabinet in the near future to make it accessible 24/7
  • Hillside School - Rushey Way, Reading, Wokingham RG6 4HQ
  • Loddon Primary School - Silverdale Road, Earley, Reading, West Berkshire RG6 7LR
  • Hawkedon Primary School - Hawkedon Way, Reading RG6 3AP
  • Springfield School - Barton Road, Reading, West Berkshire RG31 5NJ - Situated in the reception area
  • Embrook School - Embrook Road, Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 1JP
  • St Nicholas CE Primary - School Road, Hurst, Berkshire RG10 0DR

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