Know Your Pulse

Knowing your Pulse can save your life.

  • If pulse checks were routine within the NHS, thousands of lives, and thousands of debilitating strokes, could be saved every year
  • Learn how to take your pulse now
  • Help us campaign for routine pulse checks within the NHS

Learn how to take your pulse now; watch our instructional video below, download the Know Your Pulse Guide and Poster.


Instructional video



Why should you ‘Know Your Pulse’?
  • The easiest way to detect an arrhythmia is to feel the pulse – uneven, too fast, too slow?
  • More than two million Britons are affected by an arrhythmia
  • Heart rhythm disorders are Britain’s biggest killer
  • Arrhythmias cause at least 75,000 sudden cardiac deaths each year in the UK; over 200 every day, more deaths than breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDS combined
  • Atrial fibrillation (AF) causes 12,000 debilitating and fatal strokes in the UK each year
  • At the age of 40, we all have a 1 in 4 life-time risk of developing AF which increases the risk of stroke 500%
  • 120,000 people experience unexplained loss of consciousness each year, commonly a sign of a heart rhythm disorder
  • There is no national programme of pulse checks or heart rhythm screening

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