Launch Your AED

Launch your AED "Well done! You've raised money to buy your AED. Now it's important for people in your community to know where...

Looking After Your AED

Looking after your AED "The hard part is now over - you have set up your AED! Here are just a few tips on how to maintain it." -...

Donate to Defibs Save Lives

Ways to donate Donate Online Visit the Arrhythmia Alliance JustGiving page to make a quick and easy contribution in support of the work of...

Fundraising Hints & Tips

Fundraising hints and tips Golf Work with your club to organise a tournament such as: A male only tournament A female only tournament...

Defib FAQs

FAQs What is a sudden cardiac arrest? Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) happens when the heart suddenly stops beating because of a problem in its...

Inspiring SCA Stories

Inspiring stories On 22nd November 2013, I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest whilst video-calling my mother. I was sat on the sofa with my wife,...

Find & Log AEDs in Your Area

Find or log AEDs in your area Do you know where your nearest lifesaving device is? Is there already a public-access defibrillator in your...

Join our forum

Join our forum Whether you survived SCA, you know someone who wasn't so lucky, or you've been affected in any way, connect with others who...

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