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Accurate, medically-approved information for patients from the Arrhythmia Alliance. Please follow the links below for a wealth of information on heart rhythm disorders and the activities of the world's leading heart rhythm charity.

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Cardiac Rhythm News- November 17

Cardiac Rhythm News - November 17, 2017

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Having Heart Flutters? It May Be Atrial Fibrillation

Experiencing atrial fibrillation is sort of like feeling your heart skip a beat, followed by a thud, with it then fluttering or racing along for a few seconds after. Some people notice just a weak or erratic pulse instead of its usual strong, regular beat, while other who suffer from this condition might find the symptoms so subtle that they’ll only realize something is up after becoming dizzy, weak or breathless.

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Cardiac Rhythm News- October 27, 2017

Cardiac Rhythm News- October 27, 2017

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